July 29, 2021
How Prototypes Can Speed Up the App Development Time

Here’s How Prototypes Can Speed Up the App Development Time?

Transforming your idea into a real product is a challenging task. It needs careful planning, a stellar prototype, clean code to ensure smooth user-experience and feature-packed product. When you have a killer idea for an app or software, it is advised to create a design that perfectly aligns with your business goals and product requirements. Creating a prototype is one of the most sensible strategies that help app developers to achieve this alignment. If you need to develop a chatbot you should find the best information by searching how to create a chatbot?

Today, prototypes have now become an essential part of the development process that helps developers to fulfill the client’s requirements with minimum efforts and investments. In fact, prototyping an app can help your design and development team to come up with a great product. It allows developers and designers to portray the design and functionality of the app and make the necessary tweaks to build a fully functional application.

If you are all set to build a mobile app and not sure whether to create a prototype or not, here are a few benefits of mobile app prototyping and how it can speed up the app development process.

Let’s explore why you should create a mobile app prototype before developing the app.  

Faster Development Process

Creating a prototype will allow your mobile app development company to present the design and logic behind the application. It is one of the most important stages for developing a successful application that can save you time, effort and money. When you create a prototype before the development stage, it will allow developers to make instant changes in the app prototype and choose the best development solution for your product. In short, a mobile app prototype will give your team of developers a clear picture of your final product while allowing you to make limitless changes and implement different features without affecting your project timeline and budget.

Good for Beginners

Creating a stellar app design that offers excellent user experience is no easy feat. It requires diligent research, creative and technical skills to make a great mobile app design. If you don’t have any previous experience of designing a prototype, don’t worry. All you need is to draw a sketch using a pen and paper. There are a number of mobile app prototyping tools that are easy to use with their drag and drop functionality. A good prototyping tool comes with many default interaction patterns and UI libraries that will make it easier to create a real, fully-functional mobile app design. If you are a beginner and polishing your designing and programming skills, you can build a prototype of your product with the help of prototyping tools.

Cost-Effective Solution

Believe it or not, prototypes provide you with greater flexibility to experiment with your ideas. Since building prototypes creates less time and the cost is extremely low, it allows you to try to implement different features and functionalities to come up with a better product. You can create the structure and design of your future product before it undergoes the coding phase. It will avoid costly problems because, at the development phase, changes are expensive in terms of cost.

Promote Easy Collaboration

When you have a prototype ready for your app development project, it will make it much easier for your design and development team, and product owner to collaborate. They will be able to suggest the necessary changes and try the app to check whether its functioning or not. The suggestions and iterations proposed in this phase will help developers to complete the project faster. You are allowed to leave comments inside the wireframes to add important feature details. Prototypes allow your development team to create a development plan and give your clients a realistic timeline. Mobile app prototypes will enable you to show the Minimum Viable Product to the client and stick to the product goals.

Easy Acceptance

If you are creating an app for an enterprise organization, one of the most difficult aspects of mobile app development is achieving stakeholder alignment. It is because there are many people involved in the decision-making process; some are non-technical, others are tech-savvy. With mobile app prototypes, you can convince a large number of people by showing them exactly what the product will look like and how it will function. Providing internal stakeholders with an interactive prototype that shows functional specifications will definitely help them assume the finished product.

On-Time Project Delivery

When everyone is one the same page and agrees on the product vision, the mobile app development process will become easier and more predictable. It will help your mobile app development team to clearly understand what they are going to code and what functional specifications they are required to incorporate into the final product. It will help developers to create a project schedule and budget, which would be impossible without the prototype.

Keep up With the Latest Design Trends

As a developer, it is important to stay up to date with the cutting-edge design and development trends to create software solutions that offer out-of-the-box user experience and fulfill the demands of consumers. Thanks to the prototyping tools that provide you with a number of design patterns with shading, size and other features that can make your app more intuitive. You can also search for your competitors’ apps to check what is happening in the industry. Check the app layout and user flow and carefully observe what design trends your industry competitors are following. Also, check for animations and other intuitive features and try to incorporate these features into your app design to make it unique.

Wrapping Up

As a developer, it’s your duty to bring your client’s idea to life by writing a clean code. The success and failure of a product is solely dependent on you. Therefore, it is strongly advised to build mobile app porotypes before developing a product to make the app development process easier and faster. All in all, the ultimate goal of mobile app prototyping is to speed the development process and come up with a product that your target consumers will love.

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