September 18, 2021
Service Management in New Normal

9 Challenges for Service Management in New Normal

Well, we all are facing the same problem throughout the world that is because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Due to the coronavirus, all the major countries declared lockdown in most of the areas to stop the spreading of the disease. Now, business and all the other service jobs are facing difficulty because of this lockdown and trying to overcome them somehow. Someday, this all will eventually come to an end and we will be able to live happily & normally again so take a deep breath and have faith in god.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss nine different challenges that service management will have to face in the so-called New Normal. So, let us move ahead directly and talk about the various challenges.

  • Personal Relations & Motivation

In a lockdown, we all got used to working from home technique, and now we all kind-off like doing it. But when everything will go to normal, we all have to go to our workplace to complete the tasks. Then, we will need our motivation to get back on the track and achieve the milestone. A wise man once said that motivation is the key to success, and we all will lack in that at the time of New Normal.

When we use to do work before pandemic, we had built a great relationship with the person we are in business with. Now again lockdown separated us and we will have to work harder to gain that person’s trust again.

  • Collaboration & Creativity

Collaboration happens at the best when you are in contact with the firm or person for quite a while. It always takes time to trust each other and that’s how the human mind works. When you know a person well enough then there also won’t be a need for any agreements and formalities as your words are enough.

You will feel a different type of excitement when you go to a restaurant rather than ordering food home. Similarly, when you are at your workplace, you have more creative ideas than working at home. So, creativity will be a major challenge for us when we will get back on to the work.

  • Measurement of performance during a lockdown

Even if it was a lockdown situation, but still most of us were working from home and getting our work done. That is why we need to find out the ratio of the work that was done before lockdown and during the lockdown. Now, you just look at how much work is done by you or your colleagues and act accordingly to increase the outcome. So, measuring the performance of your work during lockdown will help you in many ways.

  • Digital Acceleration and Service management

During a lockdown, we all were digitally active for every type of thing whether it is connecting with family, entertainment, job, business, etc. As I said earlier that now we are getting used to this method of working and enjoying it. So, the task is to how will we get out of this phase of work, or else you can make digital working your motto.

  • Real-Time Data

Before we get out of the pandemic situation, we recommend you to collect data on the work that has been done by you and your employees. That is what we call real-time data that is collected from work done and its simple math. Learn Acceleration Formula. You can make your employee do it for you or you can do so but the collection of data is necessary if you wish to improve your business or service after lockdown with comparison to your rival service provider.

  • Worldwide competition

If you are a firm or company that provides services worldwide and had a great downfall due to the lockdown because of the Novel Corona Virus, you just need to keep these nine things in the mind and be pre-prepared for the challenges. And when everything will go back to normal you will see an increase in your service again.

Of course, being a multi-national company is difficult for small start-up firms and you have to face quite a lot of problems to make it through. In the end, we will like to say that just hang on and never give up.

  • Trust

It is said that the world works and move on because of trust, when we put our trust in a person that day he/she becomes our family. But in the business and service providing work many times, this trust is broken by some parties and it leads to fighting and court cases. So, to make a business successful, you need to improve people’s skills and learn who to trust and how much to trust. 

People and companies often take advantage of small firms, so be aware of it. After lockdown, this will be a great setback for you and only you can find a reliable solution for it.

  • Reviewing service management plans

We also said this earlier that pre-planning your every step for after lockdown and having a back-up plan will be very beneficial. That way you can analyze the situation thoroughly and can come up with the ideas of how to be friendly with fresh new normal employees, For example, you can start from now onwards and build up a good relationship with different firms that are in a similar business.

By making a partnership with people and firms in similar business, you will have good support for starting fresh new. So, it’s an order for you to plan and review your strategy twice and start acting upon it.

  • Tools

Tools have been, are, and will be a major challenge for every service provider. To bring change to this small world of service management, we need to understand the needs of the service receivers. For that purpose what we will need is advancement in our tools that will fulfill the requirements of the market. 

So, while concluding this blog, we would like to say that get up now and start working and developing skills and partnerships with companies. These nine service management challenges would be faced by every enterprise, no matter what sector your company resides in.

Author – Niranjan Diwan from Vinsys .Helping the professionals to achieve their dream. With crafted solution of learning & development. Let’s achieve success together!

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