September 18, 2021
How Covid-19 is Opening New Online Business Opportunities

How Covid-19 is Opening New Online Business Opportunities

Article summary: Lockdown imposed due to covid-19 has opened up new online business opportunities for many.

Body:  “Lockdown? Want to buy the daily commodities? Cannot move out? Do not worry, we will bring it to your doorstep!” – a very known line to start with? Where did you find this before? Yes, you’re absolutely correct, during the locked down days. The days when we were locked up in our own homes, during that time few people came out of their own shelter to help us, stay in, without any hiccups.  The door to door servicemen are those people with whom we are much aquatinted since the online delivery began. And this Covid-19, was a blessing in disguise for the old as well as new online business opportunities. How? To know more, go on reading. 

Covid-19 which gave us nothing except for a long time to find ourselves. Everyone of us are busy in our life and it’s hard to find our own self in that hard busy schedule. But, this long period allowed people to get out of their comfort zones and do something. Many who were in want to open a restaurant, found it hard because of the economic strains, those made correct use of this time and opened up a home based online restaurant. Home – hygiene creates a separate trust base for the customers who are buying, especially during this covid-19 times. We all are in need to take just a step and I guess this time period helped us to take the first step.

Last day as I was surfing through my social media feed, I found an acid attacked girl who is fighting everyday to live a good life. The attackers are moving around freely, but the victim is suffering.  Anyway, I was way too much happy to find out that she did not give up her life at any cost. She started making various types of candles and was selling them online through the help of social media. This is how small scale business are growing up in this hard time too. As people find it tough to travel long distances  wearing masks, they can simply order those candles online and it will be delivered safely to their homes. Accordingly, both the corners will be benefited.

There’s no full stop to life for any particular cause. The ones, who know how to take the best from everything will definitely get it done by hook or by crook. The restaurants could not open for a long time but that did not demotivate the online delivery of food to every doorstep who ordered for it. In this way, a certain economic balance could be maintained. The working parents as well as the home makers found out time to get involved in various activities that they like. Through this, some has already started many short scale business right from their house. Handmade items are highly in want in today’s market. These handmade products are made by many people and as they couldn’t sell it offline, they tried and started off with their online business during these hard times.

After, everything will come back to normal, every one of us who have gained something from the corona time will be of some help to all. The earnings can be doubled up by serving both online and offline. 2020 just gave us a chance to showcase our own hidden talents and hence gain monetarism by the use on ‘Internet’. Let us all take this small online businesses forward and with that we can try bit by bit to overcome all the financial struggles of our life. 

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Richard Wilson
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Written by Richard Wilson