June 15, 2024
Fashion Designer

Your career as a Fashion Designer

The fashion industry is a fascinating field with high competition. Experts in this field are people who decorate clothes with rhinestones and sequins for fashion week shows. They are also people with high intelligence, creative thinking, a sense of taste and style, knowledge of the history of boho chic fashion, and understanding of the peculiarities of the body’s structure.

Fashion designers: Who are they? What do they do?

A specialist who creates clothing collections and forms current fashion trends is called a fashion designer. This profession is suitable for people with a developed sense of style and a good imagination.

Fashion designer:

  • develops ideas for new collections;
  • draws sketches of clothes;
  • works with ready-made patterns and creates his patterns;
  • designs clothes;
  • selects fabrics combines colors, prints;
  • plans the production chain;
  • develops a dimensional grid;
  • analyzes the target audience and competitors’ market;
  • uses modern solutions for practical skill-building.
  • he solves legal issues, knows how to protect copyright for his collections.

What should a fashion designer know and be able to do?

  • the profession of a fashion designer requires broad professional skills; a specialist understands different styles of clothing, knows current trends;
  • knows how to select aesthetically pleasing color schemes;
  • able to work with patterns;
  • knows the technology of designing various wardrobe items (following gender and age);
  • knows how to develop clothing design in accordance with the season (spring-summer, autumn-winter);
  • understands different genres of fashion illustrations;
  • can draw sketches of clothing items;
  • knows the basic principles of clothing design;
  • can develop a corporate identity for a brand.
  • must understand the methods of promoting his goods and services, and how much he will earn depends on this to a large extent.

Personal qualities

A fashion designer must have the following qualities:

  • attentiveness in working with small details;
  • artistic taste;
  • curiosity and creativity;
  • interest in sketching;
  • observation;
  • perseverance;
  • sociability.
  • being a fashion-conscious person
  • a specialist has to work with customers, investors, models.

This job requires communication skills, the ability to present your product clearly and intelligibly express thoughts.

Pros and cons of the profession

Being a fashion designer, like many other professions, means there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages.


  • demand;
  • high pay;
  • creative profession;
  • working with interesting people;
  • constant development.


  • competition;
  • creative crisis and lack of ideas;
  • difficult to learn on your own.

Remember that one’s way of dressing often reflects one’s attitude to life in general. Does this feel like your destiny to work as a fashion designer now? Then, check out vacancies on Jooble website.

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