July 13, 2024
Best Shag Haircuts

Best Shag Haircuts for Short, Medium & Long Hair

The best shortcuts for thick hair

Dare to take the plunge: a full length of hair offers spectacular styling potential, even in its short versions. From punchy volume to bold bangs, these three cuts show you’ve understood how to wear thick hair and get the most out of it.

Fine, curly, wavy, thick … The texture of the hair is vitally important in the final look regardless of the cut more volume, shine, or a different touch? Your wishes can come true with the right cut. Even if you prefer a shag haircut with thick hair, there are plenty of good reasons to go from long to short.

The shag

Reward your mane with a change from time to time. A layered cut is especially effective, visibly relaxing your hair. The classic shag is highly recommended for thick hair in particular. It is a layered cut with bangs, somewhat shorter on the top layer. The best: Since the hair is thick, the individual layers are clearly defined for a fun and visibly accentuated image. This in turn guarantees you more styling freedom: some defined locks (easy to do with styling gel or wax) create the trendy tousled look, while soft waves form the casual feminine swingy shag or swag.

The retro bob

The bob is ideal for those who want to emphasize the benefits of thick hair. Cut at the chin level, very clean, and slightly flared at the front, the hair caresses the face in a serene and orderly look that you are sure to love. Elaborate blow-drying is a thing of the past, as hair falls perfectly with this cut. To create this hairstyle in a retro style (very popular now) all you need is to lightly tuck the ends in. A light fringe makes the bob appear less severe and gives the mane a modern twist.

The wavy bob

Do you want the maximum glamor? A vivacious long bob (or lob) is the answer. This on-trend hairstyle does not exceed shoulder-length, representing the perfect middle ground between a long bob and a short cut. It’s great for those who just can’t make up their minds or are looking for an attractive transitional look. Enliven it with soft curls, which add extra volume and give thick hair a feminine and classic touch. If you want something a little more elaborate, a side part with the hair falling down the forehead will transport you to the style of the classic Hollywood divas.



If your face is round, heart-shaped, or rather square, the long shag haircuts is one that suits you the most, since it adapts to your features and, in general, to all types of face.

The long shag is the ideal deal for women who have little time to get ready in the morning for work reasons (working girls) and whose routine prevents them from spending a lot of time on their hairstyle.The layered cut makes the hair light, easy to dry, and that its movement is very natural, so simply with a little product that provides texture and a touch of the dryer, our hair will look natural and perfect in a few minutes. This long shag is especially recommended for dark tones, although any tone is suitable for this type of cut.


This shaggy guy is the top of the moment. With long and open, straight and short or side bangs; all types of bangs are accepted by the long shaggy. If you want a long shag with bangs, it is best to consult our salon professional for advice on what type of bangs is best for your face type. Do not look at how an actress or singer looks and you want to emulate them. Trust the recommendations of our stylists, as they will know what may be more suitable for you and what does not work on your face.


Now that spring and summer are approaching, and if you want to make yourself a fresher look change, the shag bob is a cut highly recommended by our professionals. And it is not surprising that it is one of the favorites of actresses, models, and singers since with it we obtain the versatility of the bob cut, but the shaggy style allows us a tousled and natural effect that is spectacular.

If we have to opt for a haircut, we can say that the shag bob is the Holy Grail of haircuts, since whoever owns this cut owns style, empowerment, and character.

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Written by Richard Wilson