June 15, 2024
Windows 10: translate with Cortana using voice commands

Windows 10: translate with Cortana using voice commands

Microsoft Cortana is in the process of pulling out of the company’s Windows 10 strategy, but it still has useful tools. Many do not know that you can use Cortana to translate and avoid using Microsoft Translator in the browser to save time. If the dns server isn’t responding you should fix it first to connection to the internet.

With Windows 10, you can use Cortana to translate sentences, words, or phrases, and the results are automatically read. This makes it particularly useful for group scenarios, but you can also type if you’re unsure of pronunciation.

Translating with Cortana does not always lead to perfect results and in many cases it depends on your individual scenario. Factors such as the language you translate into, focus, and complexity can affect whether the assistant can hear you correctly. It is a direct integration of Microsoft Translator, so you will not get results that you would not have in Bing or the mobile application.Also, translation services is very important in legal, financial, medical technical language that is why you can take help from any translation agency.

Cortana’s translation covers 40 impressive languages ​​and uses machine learning to achieve natural results in many cases. Those wondering how to translate with Cortana can use our comprehensive guide below.

Windows 10: Translate with Cortana

You can access Cortana in Windows 10 Home OEM with the usual command. If you say “Hi Cortana”, the wizard will appear. At this point, you can say, for example, “Translate Hello into Spanish.”

Cortana should read the translation automatically, but you can press the speaker button on the context menu to read it again.

You can also copy the result to the clipboard with a single click on the page symbol.

Cortana can also help you find related learning materials. If you scroll down, relevant and useful videos will appear. In our case, the first result is a YouTube video about greetings in Spanish.

You can also type directly in the translation box to change sentences or change the language, just like on the web. If you say “Hi Cortana, translate” without the following sentence, the keyboard entry opens automatically.

Using the text version of Microsoft Translator through Cortana should always be faster, and you will always get these useful search results right next to your Start menu. And you can buy windows 10 professional oem key to get Windows 10 system.

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