January 16, 2021
right interactive display for your classroom

How to choose the right interactive display for your classroom

Things have long changed from what they used to be and what they are now. In the 90s there used is blackboard while now there is an interactive display for education. 

The change has been more than beneficial to both the teachers and students. For one to teach and the other to learn. 

However, things are still changing and not everybody has adapted to them. So if you are a school technology director looking for a perfect display system.

Then there are a few things that you should consider while choosing which ones to buy? 

Flat displays 

These are flat panel displays that are connected to a computing device or with a Bluetooth connection so that everybody in the class can see what is on the small screen i.e. laptop or computer. They are relatively cheap and offer HD images.

Interactive displays (flat panels)

They are the same mounted displays as flat panels but have the screen touch ability. This makes them interactive. They are easy to install on any wall without much expense and provide clear HD images even for rooms that have sun glare. It has speakers hence the facility to have audios in lectures. The wireless system of this panels gives the teacher the freedom to control the screen with their device whilst being anywhere in the lecture room.

Interactive display whiteboards (IWB)

They have dominated the market like never before and every company out there is producing them. They are advancing with each built for instance in the newer displays there is no need for pens a touch is enough to change screens. The duration of the bulbs being in usage has increased and the costs are becoming affordable. The headaches causing trouble with bulbs have been dealt with hence some are even operated without bulbs.

The size of these screens is amazing especially for large lecture halls as the screen is viewable from anywhere. Also, the lecturer can operate from anywhere. 

Interactive display projectors 

They are quite the replacement for interactive whiteboards. They are like white walls in the room that can display an image that can be interacted with. The more skilled the user is with the screen the better use they can make if it’s advantages. 

The only problem is that if it goes in every single classroom the cost can be more than any school can bear. While it offers some optimum results the problem arises with budgets. The other options are not so bad and do fulfill the needs of whiteboards. 

The more technologically advanced things are the more they cost. The setting and the types of students they are catering should also be considered. 

For instance, a medical school will need a sharper display than a school classroom. A graphics teacher will need a higher resolution than a code teacher. 

Now it is up to the id expert to make the decisions of which devices to buy taking into context the biggest factor the budget.

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Richard Wilson
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Written by Richard Wilson