February 27, 2021
Important things to note when applying for a work visa

Important things to note when applying for a work visa

Foreigners travel to Singapore not only to experience a country that is relatively safe and has a strong economy but also to work there. To be able to do this, these foreigners must get a work visa that is issued by the Ministry of Manpower. With a work visa like the E Pass Singapore visa, the holder is free to work in Singapore as long as he or she abides by the terms and conditions of the work visa.

However, in applying for a work visa in Singapore, you will need to have employer sponsorship. There are criteria that you need to meet even during the E Pass Singapore application stage. Thus, it isn’t easy to get a work visa in Singapore but it isn’t impossible. That is why in this article, we will give you some important things to note when applying for a work visa especially if you are aiming to get an E Pass Singapore visa.

#1 – You must find out if you are eligible

The first thing that you should ask yourself is if you are eligible for a work visa in Singapore. There are many employment visas in Singapore and the most common is the E Pass Singapore visa. However, this pass has stringent requirements that not everyone can meet. That is why foreigners are recommended to look into the eligibility criteria of the other work passes. This is so if you can’t meet the E Pass Singapore eligibility qualifications, you can apply for the other work passes.

#2 – You will need to secure a job in Singapore

As mentioned above, to get a work visa in Singapore, one must have employer sponsorship. That is because only a Singaporean employer or an authorized agent can apply for any employment visa through the Ministry of Manpower. For that reason, it is a must that E Pass Singapore applicants look for a job first in Singapore. Once they secure a job, their employer will sponsor their work visa application. This is a must for all those foreigners who want to work in Singapore except for the EntrePass and PEP applicants.

#3 – You need to make sure that the hiring company is eligible

The work visa applicant isn’t the only one that is factored in when the Ministry of Manpower approves an application. They also looked into the hiring company. They ensure that the hiring company can pay for the qualifying salary of the E Pass Singapore candidate. If it is an S Pass candidate, they ensure that that company can pay for the levies and remain within the quota qualifications. Furthermore, they make sure that the company that not have any record of discrimination against hiring local workers. Those companies that do not abide by these work visa conditions will not get approved for the E Pass Singapore or any employment pass application.

#4 – You should have prepared the work visa documents in advanced

Each work visa application has a set of documents that you need to submit along with the application form. Usually, credentials and proof of eligibility are the usual requirements that you need to submit. For example, in the E Pass Singapore application, you must submit your college diploma to prove your tertiary education. You also need to show previous employment records as well as valid IDs. Some of these documents cannot be produced immediately thus, you need to prepare them beforehand. By doing this, the work visa application will be completed a lot faster.

#5 – You must be aware of the E Pass Singapore application process

Aside from preparing the documents beforehand, it is essential for the work visa applicant to get familiar with the application process. This is so he or she will know what steps will come their way and what they can prepare for in advance. In the case of the E Pass Singapore application, to get the card, the applicant must be in Singapore and have his or her photo and thumbprints registered. Knowing the process in advance will not only have the applicant be prepared but also prevent any mistakes that can bring a negative effect to the outcome of the work visa application.

Applying for a work visa in Singapore has become more difficult because of the recession every country is experiencing brought by the pandemic. That is because the Singapore government wants to prioritize employment for their local workforce. That is why it will be more challenging for foreigners to get a pass in Singapore especially for the E Pass Singapore visa. However, this can not be a stressful process if you have a work visa agency.

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