June 16, 2024
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How Edtech Companies Are Changing the Face of Education in India?

The Education sector is constantly changing with the advent of new technologies. The traditional form of education is slowly taking a back seat considering the downsides that are associated with this approach. A traditional classroom approach enforces students to learn from the same syllabus and study materials. However, this approach is not feasible as each student is different and so are their learning pace and needs. Taking this scenario into consideration, many Edtech companies in India are putting their best efforts to create a good and advanced learning environment for students.

What is Edtech?

The combination of Education and Technology to provide a smooth and interactive learning experience to students is known as Edtech. For example, online study materials, access to digital classrooms or projector screens are integrated into education to give students an interactive learning environment.

The education sector has boosted especially after the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic where online learning was the only form of learning approach that was carried out across the globe. Soon, both students and teachers realized the advantages that come in handy with online teaching and learning. Hence, within a nick of time, online education has skyrocketed in India and so are the Edtech companies.

According to many online reports, in India, there are around  3,500 Edtech startups. Also, the online education market in India is expected to reach $8.6 billion by the year 2026, adding millions of online learners to the existing learner base. These statistics show the positive response of students to e-learning. With the increasing learner base, the Edtech companies in India are striving to create online platforms for students to learn online.

Edtech companies are coming up with their own online teaching platform for teachers and learning platforms for students to let them make the most of their educational needs. With the help of these platforms, teachers will be able to create quality and personalized notes for their students. Whereas students will be able to indulge in interactive and fun learning.

Not only platforms but Edtechs are changing more aspects of education which are as follows:

How are the Edtech Companies in India changing the Face of Education?

  1. Personalized Learning

With the help of various technologies, teachers can create personalized educational content for their students. Considering the pace and requirements of each student, teachers can design a personalized learning plan for them. This helps students to focus on their learning and engaging more in their curriculum compared to a traditional learning environment.

In addition to this, with the help of social learning network, students can easily get connected with their teachers and carry out their online learning whenever they want to. The one-on-one mentorship like live classes, doubts solving sessions, feedback, etc is very insightful as well as useful for students to stay on track with their learning.

  • Gamification

Gamification has proved helpful for students as it helps them to study in a fun and engaging way. An online learning approach can be overwhelming at times however with the correct use of gamification, students can stay focused on their learning. Various forms of gamification like storytelling, interactive games, quizzes, etc are integrated into most of the learning platforms. This drives student’s attention and helps them to stay motivated towards their learning and in turn, gives them an enhanced learning experience.

  • Enhanced Applications & Softwares

Technology has made a lot of things easier for mankind. We use technology on a daily basis as it has become the need of an hour.

As correctly said by Godfrey Reggio, “It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.

In the same way, technology is contributing a lot to the education industry. With the availability of various applications and softwares, both students and teachers can conduct their online classes in a hassle-free manner.

An Online teaching platform is beneficial for teachers as with the help of those platforms they can create courses, study materials, connect with their learners and so on. Various other softwares which includes virtual whiteboards, google classrooms, grading systems are effective for teachers to conduct their classes thereby letting them save a lot of time.

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in education as well. Be it automated grading systems, or detecting a child’s developmental stage, AI has got it covered. There are a lot of such things that have been made easy online with the help of artificial intelligence. This proves useful for both teachers and students as with the help of these tools they can focus on their teaching and learning rather than wasting their time figuring out things online. 

  • 24/7 Access to Education

The Edtech companies in India are helping students to access their courses and other study materials 24/7. Now students who reside in remote areas can easily access education through online mode as long as they possess an internet connection and a smartphone. Many of the online courses and study materials are easily downloadable and accessible for a good amount of time. So students can take advantage of this and continue to study online. Additionally, students can stay connected with their teachers and peers and ask their doubts right away through emails, messages or other online tools.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Most of the courses, study materials and other educational content are free on social learning networks and learning platforms. Students can benefit from those however the paid contents available on the platform are very reasonable. Students need to invest a one-time amount and they are good to go. So, with the help of Edtech, students can easily gain access to quality education at an affordable price.

To conclude, India is the second-largest country in the world for e-Learning. With the increase in the number of online learners, the Edtech companies in India are majorly coming to the forefront to integrate technology with education and provide an enhanced learning experience to learners. With the above-mentioned aspects, it can be said that Edtech companies are changing the face of the Education industry in India.

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