Explore Kalpetta for Chasing the Extremes of Nature

Explore Kalpetta for Chasing the Extremes of Nature

When it comes to the weekend escapades or adventurous long weekends, nothing can beat the hill stations. Kalpetta is a delightful hill station located in the Western Ghats of Kerala which offers many such adventures. You can enjoy trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, boat rides, rafting, tribal tours and wildlife safaris in and around Kalpetta. Visit this place if your nerves have been lacking in the energy and you have been feeling the need for rejuvenating yourselves. For exploring at its best, you can choose your personal car or hire any conveyance.

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Let us find out more about adventures in Kalpetta in the following post.

Camping, trekking and mountain biking at Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is a stunning mountain peak shrouded by thick and misty forests on all sides. Owing to its location, the tourists can enjoy hiking, trekking and mountain biking here. There are many camping sites in the area starting from the base of the mountain. You can choose a site as per the level of your comfort and preference. The hidden camps are also available with proper safety measures and CCTVs. You can book the camps as other activities via the packages available online.

You can reach via private or hired vehicles as the public conveyance is not available in abundance.

Night Trekking in Wayanad

The Elimbileri rain forest at Wayanad is a highly rich ecosystem that has more than 80% of the flora species of the entire Wayanad region. There are many agencies that offer trekking and mountain trail exploration excursion packages. You can book the packages online as well. The night trekking will be an exhilarating experience with moon and stars dimly lighting the forest paths. The jungle sounds and animals on the prowl will keep you thrilled to the very core of your hearts. The trekking and camping trips generally last over two days and pass from many popular tourist attractions. So, spend the long weekend, unwinding, exploring nature, and getting the adrenaline rush.

Bamboo River Rafting At Kuruva Islands or Kuruvadweep

Imagine rafting over the waters of a river delta with the peaceful surroundings and thick, lush green forests on all sides. We know that your lips just stretched into a smile now!

You can enjoy a two-hour rafting session amidst the evergreen forests, satellite islands and wild animals making appearances. The Kuruva islands offer a fantastic bamboo rafting experience over the waters of River Kabini, its tributaries and mountain streams. The sheer abundance of wildlife will keep you thrilled on the journey. The permits are to be obtained beforehand. The traditional Kerala bamboo rafts will give you the feeling of another world throughout your trip.

Hiking and Waterfall Exploration

Meenmutty Waterfalls falls from a height of more than 1000 ft and has three tiers of milky-white water jets. It is accessible after a trekking of 2 KM in the dense forests. There are viewing decks for each tier of the waterfall, and once you reach the topmost one, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the stunning scenery. The waterfall is located in a secluded spot and not many tourists visit this because of the trekking involved. So, the rush will be limited. You have to start the trekking from the Ooty-Wayanad route. You can also enjoy a lovely picnic or jungle camping as per the local government regulations. Plan an exciting RV Camping in the region to make the most of this adventure.

Wildlife Safaris at Tholpetty and Muthunga

Though the safaris can be booked at both the places, many people amplify their enjoyment by planning their journeys from the wildlife reserves themselves. The route from Bangalore passes from the reserve areas and is a thrilling ride. You can spot the wild elephants as well. The thick forests on both sides of the road will relax your city life tired nerves.

Neelimala Hills

Neelimala Hills offer stunning views of the forests and waterfalls of the region. You can enjoy the long drive on the winding roads to reach the Neelimala View Point. This is the most excellent places in Kalpetta that offer the scenic views of Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls, Chembra Peak and the confluence of waterfalls with Chaliyar River. The mystic mountains and mountainous roads will thrill your hearts and fill them with excitement and wonder to their brims! All of this comes with light trekking amidst the forests and mountains.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and chase the natural extremes at Kalpetta this weekend!