February 24, 2021
Central Park

Central Park: The heart of New York

There’re many ways to explore the New York City. You can choose your type based on your choice, time and budget. But whatever you choose if you miss the heart of the city your exploration will remain incomplete. And the Central Park of New York is the heart of the City. To many, it’s the soul too. The park is not only an attractive place for the tourists, but also for the locals. They love it too. People who love the lawns, trees and picnic spots often visit the park. Get the best Lawn Service Near Me But still, there’re more things you can do. That means you can have more fun than the usual people have there.

Though New York is a crowded city the park can let you forget the fact. You’ll have an entirely different experience of the city if you take a walking tour of the park. The walking tour can be divided into two sections: lower and the middle section. Each section covers at least ten different sites. Approximately the tours will take two hours each. You may have a combined tour too; that may take four hours. You can a have bike tour of the world’s most beloved park. Whatever you do, it’s almost impossible that, someone couldn’t find anything to enjoy there. If you want something more different, you may try horse and carriage tours or pedicab tours.

The Central Park is located in middle-upper Manhattan, New York. Annually about 37.5 million people visit the park; which makes it the most visited park in the USA.  Writer Fredrick Law and architect Calvert Vaux are the designers of the park. The total area of the park is 843 acres. The main visitor attractions of the park are as follows.

The Arsenal: It is a symmetrical brick building. It was built between 1847 and 1851.

Diana Ross Playground: The ground was named after the singer Diana Ross. In 1983 Ross gave two free concerts in the park.

Rumsey Playfield: If you know the ABC program ‘Good Morning America’ you definitely know the playfield. It is a bandshell for concerts.

Belvedere Castle: Now it is the weather station for the Central Park.

Tavern on the Green: It is an American cuisine restaurant. In 2007 the restaurant became the second-highest-grossing restaurant.

There’re more visitor attractions like Grand Army Plaza, American Museum of Natural History, The Plaza Hotel, The Swedish Cottage, Central Park Zoo, etc.

Wherever you are from, your visit to the park will be enjoyable no doubt.

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Richard Wilson
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Written by Richard Wilson