June 16, 2024
Apple will Pay a Certain Amount to Bug Bounty Hackers

Apple will Pay a Certain Amount to Bug Bounty Hackers

Apple is decided to pay a certain amount to outside hackers. In a meeting, the Apple company decided to find out the people who claim bugs on their products. Apple told that if they donate a certain amount of money to outside hackers, they will be benefited in near future. It is great news for outside hackers.  With regard to 6 years, virtually every organization within Silicon valley may be a satisfying cyber-terrorist that will start its service.  It may create an item susceptible to invasion within their techniques, along with money. For location changers, you can use location changer on iphone.

Now it is a question, how the cash is going to be a motivation to maintain individuals defects from the fingers associated with structured organizations or even traveler companies prepared to spend big bucks to understand regarding all of them.  However, Apple company experienced from this exercise.  It is true that all technical products have various types of defects. It is difficult for them to find out all types of bugs and defects at a time. For most of the time, simulation can’t find out all problems. We already know that technical simulation can’t solve all problems because it has also some limitations. We need the special technique to find out these bugs which can make us a hassle free life.

It is a complex issue for Apple company to make a right decision regarding this matter. For most of the time, technical product manufacturers have the lack of ability to define the errors of their products. If it is possible to find out the errors, but it takes huge time to solve it. For a new company, sometimes it is impossible for them to solve all problems. For most of the time, they need to take support from outsiders.

Apple company invested a large amount of money in solving any bugs of their products. They have a technical team who are always looking for bugs and errors of the iPhone. It is a vital point for them to find out the technical faults during the period of operation.  Nowadays, many technical companies set up an evaluation policy before launching a product in the world market. We know that world market is very competitive about technical items. iPhone is a high-end product in the mobile phone world. The management of the Apple company is very concerned about this matter. They know how to fight against others. If they fail to recognize its problems, they will not be able to return back to the competitive world. It is difficult for them to occupy its own place.

iOS is in great competition with Android system. Most of the other mobile phone manufacturers like to use Android operating system instead of using iOS. Apple faces serious competition in this field. For some cases, iOS system can create hassle during the period of operation. A few days ago, a hacker group found some bugs on iOS. At the beginning, Apple can’t detect this problem. That’s why they have decided to pay a certain amount of money to this hacker group. It helps to identify the real problems of iPhone.

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