April 21, 2024
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Airsep 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

Airsep 10 LPM is a high-flow high-altitude home-stationary oxygen concentrator known for its reliability and durability in the global market. 

 In this article, we will walk you through the details of the Airsep 10 oxygen concentrator to guide you through its specifications & features that make it make it one of the most reliable and safe oxygen concentrators globally.  

 Airsep or Air Separation oxygen concentrator comes in a weight of 26.30 kg., and provides a high volume of oxygen purity at 90-96% with a continuous flow rate of 2-10 LPM. This high-volume oxygen concentrator is an established brand in the international market for its unmatchable low sound emission technology. It produces a sound of 55 dB, which is much lower in comparison to its competitors, making it ideal for home use. The concentrator consumes an average power of 590 watts, making it an energy-efficient concentrator and pocket friendly for users. This feature is especially useful for patients who require long-term oxygen therapy and are worried about the increasing electricity bills. 

 Airsep 10 has a high-power compressor and can be operated up to an altitude of 10000 ft, which gives it a competitive edge and makes it ideal for patients living in hilly areas or visiting higher altitudes. The concentrator has an outlet pressure of 20 PSI, higher than most of the oxygen concentrators in the 10-litre range.

 Airsep 10 is equipped with an oxygen purity indicator which enables users to monitor the oxygen concentrator rate being delivered, constantly while using it. In case the oxygen purity falls below 85%, the user would be alerted through an alarm system, making the concentrator a safety-conscious machine. 

 With an array of features incorporated in Airsep 10, some of the most prominent include the placement of essential components such as circuit breaker, switch, hour meter etc. on the front unit to give it a decent look and offer a clear view of the users. Moreover, the concentrator is equipped with a ball-type flow meter which enables the flow to be adjusted from 2 to 10 LPM.

 The device incorporates an audio and visual alarm system that monitors the state of the device and notifies the user in case of an emergency or abnormal incident. The alarm alerts the user in case of low oxygen concentration, loss of power, no flow, high pressure, low pressure and system malfunction. Airsep 10 constitutes air filters at the back of the machine, which can be easily removed, cleaned and reinstalled. This features not just makes the machine easily serviceable but also reduces the cost of maintenance. 

 This compact oxygen concentrator has US FDA and CE certifications, making it highly reliable and trustworthy for users. 

 Assembled in the USA, Airsep 10 oxygen concentrator offers a warranty of two years to its customers in India, with an excellent dealer network, hence giving the concentrator a hassle-free use for a long time. The only two features that Airsep must work on are its heavyweight and the absence of an oxygen purity analyzer.

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Written by Richard Wilson