June 16, 2024
hire Samode palace for wedding

7 Reasons to hire Samode palace for wedding

Marriage is very special for every human being. It has to be memorable for the members of the family and the two souls who are uniting forever. People these days plan destination weddings involve less expenditure and creates everlasting memories. The destination should be simply perfect. Your dream should come true as you plan your wedding in the royal palaces.

  Samode Palace is a beautiful wedding venue that is situated amongst the Aravalli Hills. It is 234 km from Delhi and 43 km from Jaipur. If you dream of a fairytale wedding then this is the perfect place for you. This wedding palace has beautiful sitting with well-dressed interiors.

  There are manyreasons to hire samode palace for a wedding ceremony and some of them are:

  1. The location of the wedding palace is very convenient- The wedding venue is very near to all the Metropolitan cities. It is a perfect place just 43 km from Jaipur. It has king-size accommodation with deluxe rooms, deluxe suites, and royal suites. They are many so that it can accommodate about 150 to 200 guests. The tariff for the deluxe room is rupees 12,750 whereas the deluxe suite ranges from 14,690 to 16, 690. The wedding venue has picturesque location and lush Aravali Hills.

  2. The wedding venue has lavish and king-size accommodation- If you are planning a grand wedding with a list of 150 to 200 guests then Samode palace is a perfect place for you. It has rooms for the bride and bridegroom. The guest rooms have a unique setting with all modern and basic amenities. They have intricately carved interiors and galleries. The rooms have beautifully carved furniture. The couches are relaxing with beautiful tapestry and you feel pampered. The deluxe rooms, deluxe suites and royal suites are 20, 19, and 4 in number.

  3. Wedding venue is perfect for a pre-wedding shoot- These days the bride and bridegroom plan for a pre-wedding shoot to make their wedding memorable. The pre-wedding shoot is the main reasons to hire samode palace. It is a grand location that has architectural beauty. As everyone knows Jaipur is famous for its traditional and architectural beauty. If you are interested to organise your pre-wedding shoot amongst greens, flowers, and birds then Mughal gardens situated in the Samode palace are perfect for you. Many water channels and fountains enhance the beauty of the Mughal gardens and you can plan your pre-wedding shoot as you like. The Infinity pool is the perfect location for a pre-wedding shoot. It is surrounded by Aravali Hills that has a magnificent view. You cannot take your eyes off the beauty of both the mountains and gardens.

  4. Beautiful indoor and outdoor venues present in the Samode palace- Sangeet, bridal shower, bachelor party, Mehandi, and bangle ceremony are the main functions planned before the main wedding day. These functions can be organized both in outdoor and indoor venues. There are many halls and Mahals in the Samode palace for these functions. Durbar hall can entertain 150 to 200 guests. This hall has lavish and intricately carved walls. Cocktail party could be organized in Sheesh Mahal. The Sultan Mahal has painted walls that enhance the beauty of the place. People plan rooftop weddings and receptions. Rooftop wedding receptions are an absolute bliss both for the bride and bridegroom and the guests. You get a magnificent view of the Aravali Hills. The pheras organized on the rooftop make your wedding memorable.

  5. All options available at Samode palace- The Samode palace is a perfect destination for the wedding couple. All types of decor are available at this wedding venue. The floral decor is the main reason for hiring this place for a wedding. You cannot take your eyes off as you witness the palace decorated with flowers for your wedding day. The bridal room is so lavish and beautiful. It has all the basic amenities. There is a facility for you to get ready what every function before and after your wedding. There is a provision of beautiful rangoli that is made on a distant day. Fairy lighting both in the lawns and the fort adds to the beauty e of the palace. Candle lighting is also planned if the wedding couple intends to do so. The pujari needed for the wedding day and all the functions before the wedding is arranged by the authorities of the palace. All the ingredients necessary for the Puja are also arranged before the function by the authorities of wedding venue.

  6. Tensionless wedding at Samode palace- The parents of the bride and bridegroom are tension-free if they arrange the wedding at Samode Palace. There are many preparations made before the wedding. Some minute details and arrangements have to be made before the wedding and after the wedding. This involves both physical and mental tensions. But if you arrange your wedding at Samode Palace you are tension-free as all the arrangements starting from the decor to the ingredients required for the Puja are done by the authorities of the wedding venue. The parents also enjoy the wedding and make it more memorable. They have many choices before them and they just have to choose the right option for the wedding. Even the vintage car decoration option is available at some Samode palace

  7. Suits your budget- The cost of catering suits your budget if you are planning a lavish wedding for your children. The cost of the catering ranges from 2000 to 3500 per person. If your wedding budget allows you to spend the required amount then you should hire this wedding venue surely.

  A heavenly wedding is possible only at Samode Palace. Cherish your memories by planning a beautiful wedding at Samode Palace. Make it memorable both for the guests and the wedding couple. A wedding without any tensions is possible at Samode Palace. You will be mesmerized by the picturesque beauty e of the wedding destination. Then what are you waiting for, hire this wedding venue for your children’s wedding?

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  • Well, Richard, I been planning my wedding party with my wife for over a month now. Now, I guess I have found some good options with the help of you, Thanks!


  • A heavenly wedding is possible only at Samode Palace. Cherish your memories by planning a beautiful wedding at Samode Palace. Make it memorable both for the guests and the wedding couple

Written by Richard Wilson