June 16, 2024
Trip to Kolkata

Places to visit during the trip to Kolkata

Kolkata, earlier referred to as Calcutta is the capital city of West Bengal and once the capital of British India. This huge city is known for its street food, restaurants, businesses, exotic locations, honking traffic, trams, rickshaws, monuments, etc. The list of activities to indulge here is simply endless, hence, rightly called as ‘The City of Joy’. You can visit with your friends and book cheap resorts in kolkata for group without having to compromise on the quality aspect. It is also considered to be among the cheapest cosmopolitan city to stay in India and boasts of having friendly people who are not only cooperative, but also welcoming in nature.

Places to visit in Kolkata

  • Kalighat Temple: It is a must visit place for every Hindu devotee as it houses the idol of Kali, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. It is among the most sacred sites not only in the city, but in the entire world for Hindus. Hence, thousands of pilgrims and devotees from all over the world come here to seek the blessings of the powerful ‘Ma’ (Mother). While walking towards the temple, you can find the if this place have any trees which not necessary the authority remove this tree by using tree felling. Also, you can get tree felling wallington to have lots of makeshift stalls and brick & mortar stores selling various types of religious items, toys, utensils, sweets and other items of daily need.

  • ‘Kasha bangles’ worn by married women are famous here. If you wish to get darshan of the Goddess, then you need to start early after taking your bath. During festivals, there will be a long queue. You need to just follow the directions. You have the option to hire a ‘pundit’ or do pooja by yourself. You can find ‘pedas’ (milk sweets) that you are to buy as offerings to the ‘Mother’.
  • Mother Teresa House: Lady Teresa, an Albanian Roman Catholic Missionary is known popularly to the Calcuttans and the entire world as ‘Mother Teresa’. This house is located close to Kalighat Temple and is a haven for the poor and orphans. Her ‘Missionaries of Charity’ is well-known across the globe and invites donations in all forms that are used to serve the poor and the needy. This house is also called the ‘Motherhouse’ and within it resides Mother Teresa’s tomb. There is also a small museum inside exhibiting some of her personal belongings, letters, etc. You may choose to donate whatever amount you wish to.
  • New Market: It was once called Sir Stuart Hogg Market and is synonymous with shoppers of the city. There are different sections here that allow you to shop just about anything you require in you day to day life. The chaotic action that can be noticed surrounding the market on all its side is what makes it quite unique. You can also come across street food stalls, restaurants, pushcart transporters including rush of people all around from morning to evening. Sudder Street located just a minute away from the New Market is considered to be a popular backpacker’s area.
  • South Park Street Cemetery: If you are interested in something spooky in Kolkata, then this cemetery is the best place to be. Although located in the busy Park Street area, this ancient, decaying cemetery is quite peaceful and calm inside. It was established way back in 1767 by the colonial rulers and has around 1,600+ tombs. The moss-covered tombs and weeping trees may appear to be scary combined with occasional crow squawking. Although entrance is free, you might be required to pay an official donation.
  • Dakshineshwar Kali Temple: This holy temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is located on the Hooghly River banks. It is a huge temple that attracts Hindus from all over the world to bathe in the Hooghly river and worship the goddess. The entire compound will appear similar to a fair that boasts of having several shopping stalls, street food and religious objects available for sale.
  • Belur Math: This place is safe, peaceful, clean and just the perfect place to meditate or simply chant the name of Hari (Lord Krishna). It is also located on River Hooghly’s banks and was established by the great Swami Vivekananda who got recognition as a spiritual orator in the USA. Presently, this Math serves as Ramakrishna Math religious organization’s headquarters. Its design and architecture has been incorporated from several religions including Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. You may stroll in its well-maintained gardens. To manage grass of ground you should use ground maintenance. Also, you can get help from Hotel grounds maintenance Solihull. But to enter the temple premises, you need to walk bare feet. You are not allowed to take photography or record camera at the temple premises.
  • Victoria Memorial Hall: Visiting this monument will make you to feel like being transported to any European country. It is considered to be one of the popularly visited iconic structures, dedicated to U.K.’s erstwhile Queen Victoria. She was back then the ‘Empress of British India’. You can get to view European and British architecture while the hall includes Indian & Mughal design elements. This Memorial is built about 56m in height, 69m in width and 103m in length. You can check out the exhibits kept at the interior museum for a small fee or simply relax at the surrounding, well-maintained garden.
  • Indian Museum: It is considered to be the country’s very first museum and also the largest. It is a huge museum that boasts of having lots of galleries and collections spanning numerous subjects like Geology, Art, Archaeology including a popular exhibit on Egypt. You can find a ‘Mummy’ kept here that attracts children and adults alike. You can also check out the huge dinosaur skeleton and coin section. During the weekends, this museum is mostly packed. It does take a lot of time and climbing many stairs to complete the tour. Food is not allowed inside. So start early. There is an entry fee to be paid for all ages.

To ensure checking out the most important places here, you should select cheap resorts in kolkata for group that are located at a convenient spot. This way, you can save on time and money while travelling around the city.

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  • hey i have read your blog and it is awesome actually i have visited kolkata in my childhood and i have explore so many places and after reading your blog all my memories are refreshed because you have explained each and everything very well thank you for sharing this blog.

Written by Richard Wilson