June 15, 2024
3 Websites You Need To Visit While Working At Home

3 Websites You Need To Visit While Working At Home

The year 2020 brought so many bad memories to all of us. With the current situation of the world today with the pandemic, many things have changed. It changed how we see the world, how we shop, how we interact with each and so much more. One of the most affected parts of our lives is our jobs. This pandemic forces companies to operate at home.

Just because we face a massive problem with the pandemic doesn’t mean we’re going to stop living our lives. Aside from there are so many reasons to live, there are also a lot of tools that will help us with the new normal. With the help of the internet and devices, we can still do our jobs at home. Hence, here are the three websites you need to visit while working at home.


One of the biggest challenges that many faces while working at home during this time of pandemic is the problem with files. Since everything is now done virtually, including sharing files, it is important that the files we are sending to our colleagues are in the right format, size, and secured. Hence the importance of a file converting tool.

Gogopdf is such a fantastic tool for your PDF needs. This website’s function is not just limited to converting various files like Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, PNG to PDF format and vice versa, but it can also do more things such as delete PDF pages, protect and unlock PDF files, Compress PDF files to make the files size smaller and so much more.

On top of all of the mentioned functions, it is also known for its security, which is very important nowadays because it is effortless to hack into anyone’s files and see its content, which should be avoided in any job-related files. An hour after you completed all your tasks using the website, all of your activities will be deleted to ensure privacy.


It is essential for an employee to make documents and job-related presentations that convey a clear and concise message for them to be confident and impress their employers. Hence the importance of avoiding grammatical mistakes in constructing them. This is where the work of Grammarly comes in.

Grammarly is an online application that helps people make their written works clear and convincing. It is very useful in checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors of your work to make it sound like a professional made it. It is very convenient to use because it can be accessed using only the web browser of any device.

It also contains other functions other than just checking the grammar, like the originality checker that checks whether your work is plagiarized or not. You can also integrate your work into Microsoft Word to check your work errors while doing it for your convenience. And the best attribute about it is that it offers affordable premium plans for its users.


Working on a typical day can already be stressful, let alone work while having many thoughts in the back of your mind about the pandemic, health, family, financial obligations, and whatnots. Not having a social life can take its toll on your mental health and can affect your job performance bigtime.

Youtube is an excellent website to destress. With over 1 billion uploads every minute, you will indeed never run out of videos to watch. It offers so many videos that will surely entertain you while you are doing your job or just taking a quick break from work. Through this, you can watch your favorite vloggers and listen to your favorite songs.

The website offers free viewing of any videos you like, but purchasing a subscription can also be advantageous. With a paid membership, you can watch your favorite videos and listen to millions of songs without any ads. This website also has a mobile application, and if you have a subscription, you can listen to your favorite tunes while using other applications.


This whole pandemic changed our ways in many aspects. It put us in a very disadvantageous situation, but luckily with the help of technology, we can still accomplish so many things. These tools will not only help us with our jobs but it will lessen the stress that this pandemic brought to all of us.

GogoPDF, Grammarly, and Youtube are only some of the best tools that will help us make this pandemic situation less stressful. Although we still have no idea when this pandemic will be over, let’s just hope and pray that this all shall end soon.

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