June 15, 2024
Tony Hinchcliffe

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe Wife Charlotte Jane?

The comedian first mentioned his wife in his comedy show in 2015. At the time, people thought he was joking. However, in 2017, he uploaded a picture of himself with Charlotte Jane on Instagram showing that she had a ring on her finger.

Since then, the couple has kept their marriage private. This has led to many fans wondering if their marriage is real or fake.

Married Life

Tony Hinchcliffe first mentioned that he was married to a woman during his podcast with Dana White in 2015. However, many fans dismissed it as a joke. However, he revealed his commitment to Charlotte Jane in 2017 and posted an Instagram picture of the pair wearing rings.

Charlotte Jane is the daughter of late Australian race car driver Bob Jane, who won the Armstrong 500 four times. She is also a business tycoon and owns the Bob Jane T-Marts chain of tire retail stores.

Apart from being an insult comedian, she is a pin-up model and has a number of fans on her Instagram page. She is also associated with a man named Dylan Leduff, who appears to be her romantic partner. The couple has stopped uploading pictures with each other on their respective social media pages, which raises concerns about their relationship status. Nevertheless, there are rumors that the pair is no longer together and that Charlotte has moved on to another man.


During a comedy show, Tony Hinchcliffe surprised the audience by revealing that he was married. However, his audience didn’t take him seriously and thought that he was just joking around. He later announced his engagement to Charlotte Jane and posted a picture of the two together holding an engagement ring. After that, they both stopped uploading pictures of themselves and fans were wondering if they had separated.

According to reports, the couple has no children. Charlotte Jane is a pin-up model and entrepreneur who has her own profile on the Depop application, where she sells a variety of items. She is also an Instagram force to be reckoned with and has many followers. She is currently dating a man named Dylan Leduff. According to her recent social media posts, she seems happy with him. Moreover, she has also shared several pictures of herself with Joanna Jedrzejczyk, a UFC fighter whom Tony often mentions in his shows as she is attractive.

Net Worth

Tony Hinchcliffe is a famous insult comedian who is best known for the Kill Tony podcast. The comedian has a large following on social media and is widely regarded as one of the top talents in comedy. However, fans are curious about his personal life and wonder if he is married.

Hinchcliffe first revealed his marriage to Charlotte Jane during an ongoing comedy performance in 2015. Many thought that he was joking and did not take the information seriously. Charlotte is the daughter of the legendary Australian race car driver Bob Jane and a professional model who regularly posts pictures on her Instagram.

Recently, Hinchcliffe uploaded a photo of himself with Charlotte Jane clutching an engagement ring. Despite this, the comedian has not posted any further images of them together on his social media accounts. This has led to rumors that the two are separated and that Hinchcliffe is gay. He is also rumored to be dating MMA fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk.


Tony Hinchcliffe is a popular comedian known for his offensive humor. He is the host of the Kill Tony humor podcast and has starred in a one-hour stand-up special on Netflix. He has also received a lot of negative press after making racist comments against Asian-American comedian Pen Dang during one of his shows.

Hinchcliffe was born on 8 June 1984 in Youngstown, Ohio, United States and grew up with his single mother. His parents separated when he was a teenager. He was interested in comedy from an early age and started performing in local talent contests.

In 2015, he announced that he was married to Charlotte Jane during one of his comedy sets. However, the audience did not believe it and they never shared any pictures together. In 2017, the couple showed off their engagement rings on Instagram. However, they have since been spotted without their rings which led to rumors of them splitting up.

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