February 27, 2021
Social Media World Secrets

What OgyMogy Can Teach You About Social Media World Secrets

The web world is full of mysteries and secrets. Whether in terms of social media, Instant message chat apps, and online hacking or crimes. For example, using more than one account on Facebook is one of the most common ways to hide behind a fake identity and contact people with bad intentions. Recently Facebook has removed around 1.5 billion fake accounts from the Facebook platform. Moreover, according to another interesting statistic among monthly active users on Facebook, the proportion of duplicate accounts is 11% which consists of around 275 million user profiles. Interesting and frightening right?. Why do people need to hide their identity on such a big platform? Besides evil plans, some may find it an easy way to talk to the crush or stalk their profile while hiding behind a fake account. Whatever the reason, this type of statistics is fearful enough to monitor the social media activities of teenagers. As colorful, bubbly, and entertaining as the social media world seems, in reality, it is mysterious and full of secrets.

What are the most simple and effective ways to know about the social media activities of teenagers and keep yourself in the loop of their digital life.? One way is to use a parental control app like the OgyMogy or spy app. The OgyMogy spy app offer features in the form of a bundle thus provide a set of social media monitoring and instant message chat spy app features for teenagers. Get a brief introduction about these features and decide for yourself if you need it or not.

Know About Followers:

OgyMogy gives remote access to the online friends and followers of the teenager’s social media account. You can remotely know about their followers and community and detect any kind of bully among them. Track the activities of the newsfeed and make sure no bully dares to approach your kid with evil intentions.

Know About Following:

The online web is a world of information in every possible media form. With the onset of this influencer’s culture, the blurred line between right and wrong is almost gone. Just for the sake of subscribers, and likes people tend to follow every trend blindly without the differentiation of good and bad. Thus it is important to know what kind of media catches the attention of your teenager and what is their following list consists of. With the OgyMogy spy app, you can check the interest of your teenager and know about any bad hobby remotely.

Track Any Bully Or Harassment Issue:

People use social media platforms with fake identity to bully or harass others. Especially teenagers can become a victim of these bullies. Make sure you know about any kind of problem or harassment issue face by your teenager on any of the social media apps.  Keep an eye on the newsfeed and online friends of the teenager and save them from such people by using the social media monitoring features of the OgyMogy.

Eyes On The Shared Media:

The feature offered by OgyMogy lets the user have access to the group chat and contacts of the IM chat apps. Parents can even know about all the media sent or received through these chat apps. Use these features to make sure that no kind of sexual or adult content makes its way to your teenager device.

Social Media And Instant Message Chat Apps  Covered by The OgyMogy :

Many of the famous chat apps are covered by the OgyMogy spy app that includes FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, Line Spy app, Viber spy app, Snapchat spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Skype spy app, Tumblr spy app, Tinder spy app and many more.

Use OgyMogy as parental control app or employee monitoring app and keep a strict monitoring eye on your teenager and employee activities respectively. All the features are helpful in some way or another and make the life of the user less anxious and more satisfying. Check out the android, Mac, and Windows spy app version of the OgyMogy for the smartphone, desktop, and tablet of the target person. Install the OgyMogy by having physical access to the target device directly once and after that, the remote control of the target device will make your life easy.

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Written by Brittany Berkey