June 16, 2024
Xianhu Botanical Garden in Shenzhen

Visit Xianhu Botanical Garden in Shenzhen, China

The Xianhu Botanical Garden is one of the most attractive places in Shenzhen, China. The Botanical Garden is a multifunctional one and serves different purposes simultaneously. The garden provides scientific information to the researchers and also is a source of revenue as thousands of tourists visit the garden every day. The garden is also known as paradise in China for its outstanding plant’s species and samples. The garden is also known as the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden of Shenzhen suburb.

History of Xianhu Botanical Garden:

Established in 1983 and officially opened for public in 1988, the Xianhu Botanical Garden is also known as the fairy Lake Botanical garden and home of numerous wild plants. The garden is located near the highest peak of the Shenzhen town and covers an area of over two square miles. This is a multidimensional garden and serves different purposes. The garden contains over 70,000 samples of different plant species at its exhibition hall.

Due to the extensive collections of various plant species, the entire garden is separated into 17 different yards, and the whole landscape is also divided into six areas for the easy access of the visitors and researchers. The Classic Chinese garden is a symbol of peace and harmony with numerous trees and plants. The sections like Bonsai garden, medicinal plants, bamboo garden, palm garden desert landscape, etc. are the principal attractions of the garden.

The scenic areas provide different tastes to visitors throughout their travel in the garden. There is also a museum inside the enclosure that contains and exhibits various plant fossils. The plants and trees thrive in a natural environment and friendly climate. The surrounding environment, mountains, lakes, natural beauty of the place, and overall the care towards the plants have made the plants look gorgeous. A few of the plant species are rare and were brought from different countries, including America and Africa.

Cactus plants of the garden are also popular among the visitors. The three central yards – Asian, America, and African garden is placed on about 10,000 square meters of land on the desert landscape area. The garden also houses the Hongfa Temple which was built in 1985. The Temple is one of the promising temples in China and faces to Fairy Lake.

Travel Guide information of Xianhu Botanical Garden:

Since the garden is located at Shenzhen, it is easier to access the garden, and there are different routes across the city to travel there. Riding the bus or subway is the best way to reach there. If you ride on the bus, take the 382, 311, 218 or 113, or 27 and get off at the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden bus stoppage. Take a short walk for a minute, and you are there. If you are on the subway, ride off at the Huangbeiling station and take the exit C, then ride on the bus 382 that will drop you directly before the garden entrance.

Some Tips when you visit on Xianhu Botanical Garden:

Do not damage the plants and follow the rules and regulations printed on your ticket. You may sit on the benches set inside the garden, but you must have to throw your wastes into the waste bins. Check the weather forecast before entering the garden as the surrounding environment is not that much warmer. Avoid disable people as they cannot move across the yard for the geographical situation.

Culture & Customs of Xianhu Botanical Garden:

The picnic venues inside the garden are nice and clean. Admission fee is also reasonable too. The Temple inside the garden has its own rules and regulations. The garden is blessed with the natural environment and the museum inside houses fossils and collections of primitive ages. The garden opens for the public at 6.00 am and closes at 11.00 pm. Entry at the monastery is free and free. Different spots provide different facilities to the visitors and particularly to the researchers.

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