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improving symptoms of PMS

Using diet for improving symptoms of PMS

Anyone who has had periods can vouch for the sheer toll they take on the body. It is not just during periods that your body is put through torture, although the cramps and discomfort rank very high on the lousy moment scale, but the time before periods is just as bad.

Known as premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, this time starts a week or two before the periods. Due to the variance in the time of its onset, it may throw off some women, which is another notch against it. PMS also causes emotional upheavals and physical symptoms in the body.

Since the hormones are haywire before periods, the emotional state of women at this point is very fragile. There are mood swings, bouts of utter and complete, anger so strong, and yes, tears.

The physical state is not any better. The bloating before is just not  only feels bad, but looks bad too. Some women also get cramps in the pelvic region. Whereas generally PMS is innocuous, in certain cases, it can be rather severe as well, meriting a visit to a Gynecologist in Karachi then.

Enter, Food

 Our diet plays a pivotal role in our wellbeing. It affects our mental and emotional health and of course, has implications for the physical wellbeing too. Since food has impact on the endocrine system, it also plays a role in the secretion of hormones in the body as well.

Therefore, it is entirely possible that you can manage your symptoms of PMS through diet in most cases.

Cut back on salt

Since salt causes water retention in the body, it makes the bloating worse. Moreover, women with tenderness in the breasts due to PMS and swelling in the limbs should also especially cut back on the salt.

Sodium is not just refraining from gorging down a pack of chips or showing restraint when it comes to table salt, but also not using processed food as well. Most of the packaged and processed food is full of salt. Even many sauces and precooked meals have high sodium content.

Therefore, read the labels on the food products and choose accordingly then. Opt for home cooked meals, prepared with agenda of using minimal salt.

Drink up

Water helps to dilute the sodium in the body, and thus is good for reducing bloating. Moreover, it also helps in digestion as well, especially when you are in that phase of cycle where you eat a lot, but do not move accordingly.

In case you have difficulty drinking water alone, you can get creative with it. Add mint or lemon to it to add some flavor to it. However, do not add sugar, as excess of sugar is just as bad for the body.

More fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with macro and micronutrients that fortify the body and make it strong. Moreover, they are also full of fiber, and help in preventing complications like constipation as well.

Vitamin B group is especially helpful in improving the symptoms of PMS. Examples of fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin B include citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, bananas, avocados etc.

Go nuts for nuts

Not only are nuts great for snacking but are also packed with nutrients. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and vitamin E, all of which are helpful in promoting health. However, be sure to opt for the unsalted nuts.

Nuts that are helpful include walnuts, pecans, peanuts, hazelnuts etc.

Amp your calcium intake

According to research, women with adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D are less likely to experience symptoms of PMS. Moreover, as per the data, when the calcium comes from food as opposed to supplements, it is more effective.

So, make sure to add little calcium with every meal. Dairy and green leafy vegetables are good sources of dietary calcium.

Likewise, vitamin D is also helpful in curbing the symptoms of PMS. Good sources include fish like sardine, salmon etc. Sunlight is also excellent source of vitamin D.

Try to reduce caffeine

You might find solace in a cup of coffee, especially during the throes of pain, but caffeine increases the symptoms of PMS as well. Moreover, it also interferes with sleep, that in turn too, increases irritability and grouchiness.

Thus, reel back on the cuppa joes. However, if you want to indulge yourself, supplement it with sufficient water, as coffee promotes water loss from the body. Also, do not drink before bedtime, so that your sleep is not affected.

Pump Iron- the oral one!

Women lose blood every month, especially when they have heavy periods. It is pertinent then to replenish the blood loss from the body, else women may suffer from iron deficiency anemia then. It causes fatigue, decreased capacity for physical exertion, and can even cause blackouts in severe cases.

Meat is excellent source of iron, alongside green leafy vegetables and dark chocolate. The latter is also great for the mood, so do indulge yourself with some scrumptious and rich dark chocolate bar.

Getting help

It may be the case that despite fixing your diet, you are still not able to get reprieve from the symptoms of PMS. In such situations, it is best to visit the Best Gynecologist in Lahore.

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