February 9, 2023
Andaman Islands

Top Beach In Andaman Islands

Beach life in Andaman Islands is pretty much vibrant. Many of the beaches allows water sports activities and many is just to laze. We are listing some of the top beaches in Andaman Islands.

Top Beaches in Port Blair

Carboy’s cove beach: It is very near to city six kilometer away from Port Blair, ideal for swimming and sun basking. So much of facilities are available there that is bar, restaurant, hotel, charging room and water sports. This beach has beautiful view with coconut trees, best for photoshoot for couple, family as well prewedding shoot. For relaxation also it is very good place. Coming to water activities speed boat ride and jet sky ride is very good. November to July is very good place to visit in that time we can see flora and fauna.

CHIDIYA TAPU (Bird Island): it is famous for sunset, its is far from city but best place to visit.

Top Beach in Havelock Island

ELEPHANT BEACH: Elephant beach in Andaman lies on the western coast and can be reached by either taking a speed boat or by trekking through a forest trail. The speed boats leave from the havelock jetty and take about 20 minutes.

The beach opens at 8 AM and closes at 5 PM, there is no entry fees to explore the beach, these shops charge additional money for the snacks due to transportation charges, the locker rooms are pad and charged 10 rupees per day.

 It is very good place for water sports and leisure time. It is reach in coral reef structure and we can see amazing under water marine life, we can see lot of Indians and foreign nationals here. So many water activities are there like diving, snorkeling, swimming, bird watching, trekking and kayaking. And it is also famous for coral reefs, sea walking. The best think is there is water activities for all age people.

It is the one of best beach in Andaman, but in this beach, much crowed it is worth to wait for water activities. It will take one whole day if we plan for half day, we will miss some water activities and the coral view also. In high season there are a couple of vendors selling fresh fruits and coconuts, the beach has wooden seating and benches where we can sit back and enjoy the view with full of snacks and watch the sunset after a long adventure. It is very good place for kids to enjoy and play.

The water at the beach is shallow, starting at just 1-meter depth. These shallow waters are free of rocks and hard corals, so you can easily swim in the water without a second thought. Adults who know swimming are advised not to go too far and swim only at a 10-meter radius, while kids are advised to play only near the shoreline, under the supervision of an adult.

There are numerous water sports booths available at the beach itself offering tickets for all the available activities, so you can get a guide and negotiate the price of water sports. There are lifeguards stationed at the beach and the crocodile population is all but null, so you can go for hours of play n the water without any worries. Moreover, the beach also has proper changing rooms, lockers and bathroom facilities for further safety and privacy.

The trek for elephant beach starts near the Radanagar beach and ends near the Elephant beach. The trekking trail takes follows the dense forest near the beach, located by the guide who will walk in front of you at all times. This 2 km trek is preferred by adventure enthusiasts who like exploring the serene jungle under the inviting sound of birds and crickets. Guides can be found near the starting point who charge 200 rupees for the complete trip.

RADANAGAR BEACH:  this beach is famous for sunset, if we plan this when we are going to havelock because when we reach one island to havelock by that time it will be afternoon so we can go for this beach, we can do some relaxation and beautiful sunset view, it is neat and well maintained beach and water is turquoise blue and white sand. By the time of sunset, we can feel the black sea.

This beach is one of the most famous attractions in havelock island and the Andaman, commonly known as beach no 7. As soon as we enter from gate, we are greeted by one of the most spectacular sceneries the island has to offer. A panoramic view of the sea complemented by soft white sand, stretching along as far as your eyes can see, suddenly lifts your mood and gives a feeling of rejuvenation. The emerald blue waters with just the right amount of splash combined with perfect blue sky meshing the horizon make you want to go for a dip, almost immediately.

There are a lot of huts, benches, and chairs scattered around the beach, along with tall trees that give you a place to relax, take in the beauty and unwind with some snacks and drinks. One of the best things about this is that you are allowed to take food and water inside the gates, so you can sit around with your friends and family and enjoy the view, while the kids play in the sand.

The double story hut at the center of the beach provides a complete view of the sea in front and is a great place to capture photographs. Radhanagar is one of the few beaches where there are no restrictions on swimming. The waves are medium and don’t have too much current. Moreover, the depth of the sea is adequate and transcends gradually, so you can enjoy long hours of playing in the ocean with your loved ones.

Havelock island is best for swimming. Lifeguards are present both at Radhanagar and Kalapathar beach.

To ensure the safety of tourists, it is not advised to go too deep into the sea. A great distance for swimming is 10 meters, beyond that the water currents and waves start to get a little rough.

Beach experience in Andaman Islands is a must so make sure you visit the best of the beaches when in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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