June 16, 2024
Top 5 Modern Teaching Techniques

Top 5 Modern Teaching Techniques!

Modern teaching techniques have become a stepping stone to integrate complete technological freedom in the educational world. Nowadays, online teaching platform and other sorts of virtual educational tools are commonly being used to modify conventional academic activities making them more accurate and convenient. Tools such as visualizer, whiteboards, Projectors, online streaming of videos and educational software have become the favorite resources for teachers to deliver instructions in a more effective and lucid manner.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic became a significant force to entirely change the landscape of education, totally eradicating the classroom dependency. The past 6 to 7 months of this pandemic situation made the educators realize that education continuity doesn’t have everything to do with classrooms but more with technology and innovation. This is the reason why there is a sudden boost in the acceptance of online teaching software and online learning platform in the educational domain.

Before we move forward to describe top 5 modern teaching techniques, let’s put some light on the objectives that modern teaching techniques help to attain-

  • It helps in presenting the learning material in a more interactive, attractive and interesting manner.
  • It guides and assists the learners to obtain knowledge from qualitative material.
  • It helps in using the time more to the benefit of the teacher and learner.
  • Provides personalized instructions.
  • Enriches the sense of cooperative and collaborative learning.
  • Varied learning material which helps in brainstorming activities and clarifies topics on a better level.
  • Helps in attaining deep insight to the learning capabilities of the students, further assisting them on how to overcome the shortcomings.

Top 5 modern teaching techniques that are taking the educational industry by storm


This technique is used in both classroom learning as well as on online teaching platform. Brain storming is basically a group discussion technique where a group of learners come together to share their ideas in order to generate a solution to the problem at hand. This technique includes critical thinking, scientific methods, decision making and reflective thinking, only after which it turns out to be a success. It helps in broadening the acceptance of ideas in students and to put forward their own thinking to together form a better solution.

Programmed Learning

Programmed learning is an academic technique which can be characterized as self-administered, self-paced grabbing of instructions which are presented in a logical order and with ample repetition of concepts. The learning material can be available through textbooks or on an online learning platform. The information presented here such as a topic, theory or a concept is provided in small chunks and after every step the learner has to attempt a quiz or formative type test which helps in comprehending their learning.

Cooperative Learning

İt is one of the most successful teaching methods in which small group of learners with different abilities and knowledge use varied learning activities to work together on understanding a subject better. Each member of the group holds equal responsibility to learn a concept as well as help other group members I learning it as well. This technique creates an overall productive atmosphere which gives rise to greater achievements. With the advent of online teaching software, this technique has got more acceptance as these software’s are integrated with advanced features and possibilities to support the characteristics of cooperative learning.

Mind Map

This technique is innovative, effective and smart! It is one of the most interesting methods to facilitate brainstorming sessions. It allows one to visually create ideas that help with analysis and recall.

Mind map is basically diagram based representation of tasks, concepts and other sort of study content which is arranged in a manner to make it revolve around the main concept or subject. It is useful in transforming a long list of boring learning content into an interactive, colorful and comprehensive diagrammatic form.

Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry-based learning begins directly with considering problems, questions or scenarios rather than merely putting forth recognized facts or providing a flat path to acquiring knowledge. This process is carried with the help of a facilitator.

Forms of media involved in Modern Teaching Techniques

Audio streaming and recording

Educators, teachers and trainers either make use of live audio streaming in which the learner can get instructions in a real-time scenario or they use audio recording which is recorded in advance and then the file is delivered to the students which they can listen whenever they want to. Sometimes both forms of methods are used for the benefit of learners as they can listen to the audio in real time and then memorize its content later also by listening to the recorded version. 

Video streaming and recording

These days some of the best online teaching platforms are available to deliver instructions through live video streaming or the educator can also record the video classes and send it to the students.

Online Exam Software

Online exam software gives the freedom to the teachers to create and conduct tests from any remote location without any time or geographical restraints. Online tests improve self-paced learning and increase the quality of teaching by providing regular insights to the learning methods. With online exam software one can create tests, quizzes and formative assessments which are automatically evaluated by the software, generating a comprehensive student performance report in the end. 


Because of the use of Modern Teaching Technologies, learners now have greater accessibility to participate in varied learning activities happening throughout the world. They have the option to share information, learn collaboratively, and also share their individual learning experience through collaborative activities on virtual learning spaces. To be precise, the blend of modern teaching technologies and smart online teaching platform is improving the overall quality of education making it more apt for the present as well as future generation of learners.

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