May 22, 2024
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Tips on Measuring for Your Perfectly Fitted Custom Rug

Finding the perfect rug for your home can be a challenge, but custom rugs offer a solution that allows you to create the ideal size, shape and design for your space. However, properly measuring for a custom rug can be daunting if you don’t know what to consider. Here are some tips for measuring your space prior to ordering a custom rug.

Measure Your Room Space

Before finding the perfect rug, measure the dimensions of the room in which it will be placed. Be sure to measure both the length and width of the room floor surface accurately with a measuring tape.

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Define Your Rug Area

Once you have measured the room area that needs coverage with a rug, determine how much of that area you want to cover with your new custom rug. Some spaces will need a larger covering while others just need accent pieces.

Consider Furniture Placement

The position of furniture within your room can affect where any new custom rugs should sit. If your furniture is already set, ensure that there is extra space around it when deciding on where to place a rug.

Choose the Right Shape

Choosing the right shape of custom rug comes down to personal preference and how well it fits into your decor scheme. Rectangles and squares tend to give an overall classic look while round or oval shapes add depth and dimension.

Think About Thickness

Make sure to take thickness into consideration when measuring for a custom rug as it can impact further furnishings in the same space. If it’s too thick or thin, it might not match well with surrounding items like sofas or chairs.

Double Check Measurements

It’s important that you run measurements more than once before placing an order for your custom rug. Accurate measurements make all of the difference between an “almost fit” versus one that fits perfectly. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to confidently measure your room and select the best fitting custom rug in no time.

Catch Precise Measurements

Get precise measurements just by using masking tape. Use masking tape in one color and apply it anywhere between 4-6 inches inward of walls around surrounding areas where there’s enough empty space. Once done measuring as suggested in these previous steps, remove this tape and reapply a different colored masking tape across both sets of marks outlined previously allowing ample excess floor space which will serve as buffer zone beyond furniture dimensions mentioned above

Measure Clearance under Doors

If there is an entryway door where you plan to place your custom rug, make sure that it has sufficient clearance before placing an order – otherwise opening or closing doors may snag or warp your new beautiful investment piece.

Shop with Your Exact Measurements

Once you’ve measured accurately don’t shy away from sharing these exact figures with anyone who helps you shop for rugs – this helps ensure ideal sizing proportions BEFORE purchasing. And don’t forget: Always double-check measurements prior to completing any purchase online or offline.

In conclusion always use accurate measurements while buying custom rugs because they are an investment meant to last & enhance any room’s well-being; they act as both decor plus durable insulation protecting against cold drafts throughout every season possible.

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Written by Richard Wilson