January 16, 2021
Baby Products for Working Moms

The 6 Top New Baby Products for Working Moms

The early stage of a child is very delicate and important and taking care of a newborn baby demands various baby products to nourish them.

Not only these products will nourish them but also it will give a healthy boost at that tender age.  There are some products which you can use to take care of your infant. But, choosing the right products from a baby shop is a tricky job to do.

So, here’s list of some must buy baby products which you can pick from a baby shop:

Baby Diapers

Diapers are usually essential products for first-time parents. There are numerous attractively and comfortably designed diapers.  For the fashion conscious, there are all the cool patterns to consider. And, for those worried about keeping little bottoms natural, you won’t have to bother about blows and leaks.

Baby Toys

Infants are always fascinated by toys. Babies love to play with them, throw them everywhere, do this and that and what not with them. So, picking a  toy for your baby is a sensitive job to do. Newbies parents should take it into account that the perfect toy for their baby should ensure proper safety.

Happikkido sells baby toys which are appropriately designed for newborns. Whether it’s something for the teeth or fun, our toys are well packaged to ensure the safety of every newborn.

Baby Clothes

Various shops provide baby clothes from a retail store to online stores.

There is a baby clothes store in Australia named Ethissa which provides clothes that are made from natural cotton, making it comfortable to wear.

You can easily buy one & get shipped to Malaysia at their Malaysia online store.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is used usually by breastfeeding mothers to extract milk from their breast for their baby.

This way of feeding the milk ensures that the baby is getting enough milk to keep him/her healthy. Breast pumps sold at Pigeon, are reasonably cheap, and very convenient to use.

There are many baby pumps- from battery-operated baby pumps, electrical pumps, manual pumps, to hospital-grade pumps.

Pigeon’s website has prepared some guide on these various breast pumps. There you can get the proper information about which one to choose.

Baby Monitors

This baby product might be the expensive one but still, a baby monitor is really essential for your baby’s safety.

Though you might also find it of no use, that’s not the case certainly. Just install it in the baby’s room and when you are away from your baby, you can keep a track on him/her.

Most baby monitors are sold at cost-efficient rates and easy to install features.

Motherhood is an online store providing baby monitors of multiple brands.

First Aid Kit

This one is the most essential one to keep your baby safe and sound. It saves parents the trouble of searching the house for supplies in any accident. You can easily get one from Guardian, Watson, or any Pharmacy nearby your house.

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