June 16, 2024
Tech and Society

Tech and Society: The Impact of Technology on Our Lives

Where evil robots taking over and flying cars and a robotic man having the capability of self-thought is just science fiction, it can be said that the world is continuously transforming and the advancing technology is the driving force for it.

In order to thrive and evolve, technical innovations have become a necessity. At the same time, the cultural norms, ideals and aspirations of these societies are shaping how the civilization has created, shapes benefitted and have been impeded by technology. The fact is that as new technology is introduced to reflect the very essence of human needs and culture, it has become more inseparable from one another.  

On a simple level, where the new and improved technology is helping the societies and civilizations to evolve and thrive, it is also altering the human behavior and operations of the society resulting in different economic structures, and new ways of life.

Throughout history, every civilization, society, kingdom and empire is risen and fallen with technology at its helm. Be it something as basic as the invention of wheels, ships or the irrigation system, the invention of new things in the world has always affected every part of the society throughout time.

With that said, where technology has globalized and digitized the world, there are also some negative aspects which need to be taken care of to be able to thrive. Discussed below are some of the positive and negative aspects of the evolving technology.

The positive impact of technology 

The evolution of technology has benefitted the world in various ways. Easy access to education, resources, tools and the interconnectedness of the world, it all leads us to live a better life. Not just that, here are some impacts of the evolving technology on various industries.

  • Improvement of transportation

Where cars and buses are still a thing that eases the mean of transportation, the technical geniuses are working on speedy services of trains and boats for convenience and reaching a destination in less time. In addition to that, there are apps such as Uber and Grab, which are making transportation more convenient for travelers.

  • Improvement of communication

With the digitization of the world, it has become easier to stay connected from even the remotest places of the world. All you need is a fast internet connection and a communication device to talk and call others someplace else. From Skype to VOIP and more, it is highly feasible for the people to travel the world and stay connected. Today, multinational companies and businesses use this opportunity to connect with the traders and business partners in a different location to do business without any interruption.

  • Improving the healthcare system

With the interconnectedness of the world, it has become easier for professionals to stay up to date with their patient’s medical condition and quickly respond to any query which may have a negative impact on their lives. Not just that, it is also easier to share information with other medical professionals through apps and updating information in the hospitals’ database. Taking the example of the situation today, even the simplest Bluetooth face mask for kids and adults is being used to stay healthy and avoid getting infected with the COVID-19 virus. For many people who love to travel, but are stuck because of the closed borders, they can have medical apps installed in their phones which can help the people speaking a different language to explain the problem in the native language.

The technological impact on human life

As said above, the evolution of technology is continually changing the world we live in. this includes social behavior, communication, travel, the learning process, business and more. Here are some ways technology has affected human life.

  • Lifestyle

There is only a single word that can describe our lifestyle today — convenience. From online shopping t joining friends via social media or booking a flight and hotels to walking with a portable computer with the world at its access: the smartphones, these are certain things without which life seems unimaginable. Furthermore, technology has helped people to carry out complex tasks in a simpler and quicker way.

  • Health

Smart watches, health apps and more have allowed the people to analyze and alter their personal habits through a computational system. As said above, the infrastructure of the hospitals is included computer system with advanced security and apps, which allows the doctors to obtain health data of the patients with a single click of a button.

  • Millennial and Gen Z

The rise of technology has typically impacted Gen Z. While the older generation may use the technology for certain things such as emails, millennial, and Gen Z use the growing technology for every task having great exposure to EMFs and Blue light. This includes the use of tablets at schools, using web gateways to complete homework and using YouTube to learn a language. With more reliance on technology, the younger generation has a better understanding of how the internet and the technical system works.

  • Business

Business — large enterprise and small startups need to adapt to the changing technology to be successful. Virtually the changing technological innovations have helped businesses to increase business opportunities and productivity of the employees to reach the required destination. The introduction of machines and AI have made it easier for business people to connect with the brand and collect relevant information to take their business forward.

The bottom line 

Technology has had a tremendous and unimaginable impact on human life. Beginning with the innovative gadgets and the interconnectedness of the world, where it can make our life easier and more enjoyable, it is also being misused by many, which can have devastating effects on the people. As human ventures into the future, it has become vital for geniuses to engineer products that can create a balance between the usage of the technological system with old-fashioned techniques and getting things done in a productive manner.

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Written by Richard Wilson