June 16, 2024
Smart Home Devices That Make Life Convenient For Busy Working Parents

Smart Home Devices That Make Life Convenient For Busy Working Parents

When you are a parent, and also working full time, it is quite difficult to keep up with your growing children as well as work. Well, it might be difficult but being a working parent is not impossible. In fact, it is made easier after the rise of smart home technology that makes things quicker, easier, and much more convenient.

Below, we have discussed several smart home technologies that make your life as parents easier, convenient, and ensure maximum security of your kids.

iRobot Roomba j7+

iRobot Roomba j7+ is a robotic vacuum that is self-cleaning and literally cleans everything. The vacuum cleans everything even when you are not around, and when everything is cleaned it automatically goes on charging. The vacuum cleans everything, leaves pet waste, and empties itself automatically. You barely have to lift a finger to make it work as it can be controlled remotely. You can make it work even when you are not home. Imagine how convenient it would be to have a smart technology that clean the whole house for you.

Smart Watch

When you are out and on the go, it is not always convenient to have a phone in your hands. A smart watch on your wrist will keep you updated even when you are out and don’t have your phone. Apart from updates and receiving calls and messages, the smart watch has several features such as voice technology where you do not have to type messages or touch the watch to make it work. It is a good on the way device.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is a very advanced smart technology, which is great for your home’s safety. Some video doorbells even track pictures from your devices and when someone is on the door, it notifies you about who is on the door. This way when a stranger is at the door you are notified that is not someone you know, and the camera shows you a complete video of who is on the door. The doorbell also has sensors, so it notifies you of any possible threats.

Smart Home Security

Similar to a video doorbell, for your children’s security, a smart home security system is a complete system with outdoor, indoor security cameras, sensors, detectors, and sirens that notify of anything that might threatens your home’s security. This way even when you are out, your smart security system makes sure your home is safe of threats and attacks, and if there is a potential threat the system takes immediate action and notifies you and the authorities.

Amazon Echo

Amazon echo show is a device that can work as your personal assistant when you are busy. It is an overall device where you can play workout videos, recipe videos, or DIY, or you can video call your relatives using voice technology. It also connects to all other smart technologies, such as your smart home security, smart lights, and all other gadgets. This way, you can use this one device to send voice commands to all your other devices like an assistant. It also works as a sound system, and alarm. Also, if you are not using it for anything at the moment you can use it as a photo frame and play slide shows of your family pictures.

Smart Router/Modem

Well, one thing that you need to make your smart technology work together in sync is a smart router that elevates your internet speed and sends signals all around the house equally. For a good internet that works best in a smart router is Spectrum. Spectrum comes with different speeds and is a very good service. Even if there is a problem or a query, you can call them at Numero de Spectrum, at 1-844-487-2710 where they even take calls in Spanish and solve all your queries. Spectrum is a very good service especially in the Hispanic regions.

Automated Lights

Well, apart from your children’s and home’s security, one thing that matters most is convenience and time management. This is where automated lights come in, when you don’t want to get up and close the lights, smart/automated lights work on voice command or time settings where they function on the settings that you have made. Some lights even change tones and hues depending on the time and weather of the day to create a vibe. For instance at night if you don’t turn them off completely they automatically get dimmed and create a very soothing aura.

Smart Lock

Smart lock is also for your home’s safety. The lock has a specific key and sensors where it only opens for those who know the code. So, if you are a busy parent and often have to leave kids alone at home, you can use smart locks to raise the security of your home.

Smart Plug

Smart plugs are here to increase you convenience and connects your entire home’s devices to a single plus through which you can control them all. From lights, fans, plugs, smart microwave, kettle, and much more. It is great when you want to control the lights of your home from the comfort of your bed. It is also great when you go out and forget putting the lights off. Or, when you are out and you want one light open so people don’t realize that the house is empty.

Instant Pot Pro

Well, this one is for parents who have no time for spending hours in the kitchen. Instant pot from is a cooking pot that functions as 10 different methods of cooking such as slow cooker, steam, pressure cooker, saute pan, rice, yogurt maker, and much more. The pot cuts down the time of your cooking and fastens it ridiculously. It is a quick cooking method for busy parents as you only have to combine all ingredients in one place and leave it to cook. It is easy and convenient and you no more have to wash a lot of dishes and cook meals that take hours.

Well, the home devices that we have discussed above are some of the technologies that can make you life easier and convenient as parents and ensure you maximum security as well.

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Written by Richard Wilson