June 16, 2024

Review of Japanese anime, Weathering

Come to appease the lovers of the anime, Weathering with You, a clear blue girl and a young man with a heart of more than a hundred. Today we are going to review this anime in detail. Let me first say that Weathering with you is another anime written by Shinkai Makoto, who has drawn uniquely beautiful cartoon characters.

very amazing Whether it’s the color scheme or the design of each cartoon character to be cute and bright, conveying the mood of the anime perfectly and most importantly, the story of each anime Shinkai is also interesting and interesting to follow from the problems that arise within the story. allowing viewers to be able to enjoy the story of the characters in the story Although this story is not as famous as Your Name, close your eyes and dream of your name.

which is about Shinkai Compose your own writing It is an anime that tells a love story that takes place through a time-traveling journey of a young couple who switch bodies. The story still has a secret to unravel the same doubts as always. If any friends want to know how intense and intense the story of Weathering with You is, let’s go see it !!

Why do you have to watch the Japanese anime Weathering with You?

Weathering with You, a girl with clear sky and a young man with a heart of more than a hundred It is another Japanese anime that fans of anime should not miss. Because this story has interesting content. From the beginning of the story to the end Make the audience enjoy the beautiful pictures and interesting storyline, not monotonous, not boring.

starting the story It tells the story of a 16-year-old boy named Hodaka who escaped from home by boat. There was only a small amount of money with him. He hopes to be able to find a job and start a new life in Tokyo, the big city that everyone can dream of. But then it turned out to be wrong. When he arrived, he met a lot of people who spoke badly.

People are in a hurry to travel and live fast. until he meets a young woman who is being mistreated by a group of men Follow her closely and convince her to do something that wouldn’t be a very good job. That girl her name was Hina.

Hina is a girl around the same age as Hodaka, and when Hodaka tries to help her, he almost does something illegal. But fortunately, Hodaka’s life was met. Sukakunu had a solemn expression. Works as a writer of mystery columnist stories. He helped and gave Hodaka a place to live. because he saw that this young man had a young story similar to himself who ran away from home to live in the big city since childhood

As the story progresses, Hodaka meets Hina, a beautiful woman who is surprisingly beautiful but sadly hidden beneath her eyes. Hina has to work to support herself with her younger brother because her mother disappeared as a child. She often lied about being 18 in order to be able to find work. Because it is forbidden under Japanese law, children are not allowed to work or live alone without supervision. Hina can only do part-time jobs.

Because there is no qualification that can apply for a better job in the first place. But when she meets Hodaka, her life changes. because she had discovered her own superpowers She was able to pray that it would not rain and make the rainy season’s sky bright again. After starting a long day She is getting more and more customers. But then, the use of too much power had such a negative effect on her body that strange things began to happen that she could not find an answer to.

Until Hina and Hodaka set out to find answers to what happened at a shrine in Tokyo. Before knowing that special abilities have something to exchange as well. when it is forbidden to rain at a particular time It might rain in the next few days. Can’t, but can’t escape destiny and seasons causing some natural phenomena to occur in Tokyo

If friends want to know what will happen Including the lives of Hodaka and Hina, what will happen next, can go to win together with Weathering with You, a clear blue girl and a young man with a heart of more than a hundred In addition to seeing the story of love and friendship between young people also makes it possible to win along with the story as well as what will happen to Hina, who was nicknamed the clear sky girl. and Hodaka, a young man who ran away from home to take his own life.

Let me tell you that the soundtrack for this อนิเมะ is very good. Plus, the pictures are beautiful and amazing, as if the story was written and written by Shinkai Makoto. If anyone is a fan of anime, this is a must-see. Let me tell you that it’s definitely fun, not losing to Your Name !!

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