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Remember These during Pregnancy

Remember These during Pregnancy

Once you come to know that you are pregnant, you should make an appointment with your doctor without thinking twice. It’s because of not that you are in danger. It’s because you have to be cautious about you and your child. You have to take care of yourself more than any time before. You have to do it not only for a problem-free pregnancy but also for a healthy child.

Talk to a doctor

There’re a lot of things you have to do for a healthy pregnancy. The first step starts with the first news of pregnancy, as we said before about making an appointment with a doctor.

The advice of a physician is important from the first month of pregnancy, so that diet, physical activity during pregnancy, etc. can be discussed.

The doctor may ask you to have a few tests like urine sugar, blood test, etc. The number or types of tests may vary from person to person.


Weight is a vital fact during pregnancy. Depending on the weight when you get pregnant you may need to gain more.


The first thing to remember about food during pregnancy is that now you need to eat for two. For example, you need a lot of extra calories, 25 grams additional protein, and you must meet your needs for calcium. You have to keep in mind that some foods should be avoided during pregnancy. And you have to quit smoking.


If you are not sure that you are eating enough, you may try some supplements. Before choosing any supplement make sure that it contains enough folic acid, vitamin D. But be careful about the retional form of vitamin A.

Physical activity

Most women can continue their usual activities during pregnancy. But caution is a must, especially if there’s any chance of injury. But every pregnancy is different, as some may need bed rest even for weeks.


A common question during pregnancy is: can I have sex? For most of the case the answer is yes, you can. But if your doctor thinks that, better you don’t make love during pregnancy you shouldn’t make.

Take rest

Sometimes you may feel fatigue. And when you do so, don’t think about anything, just listen to your body and give yourself a break.

Alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol should be avoided totally during pregnancy. And for caffeine, it shouldn’t cross 200mg per day. To avoid the chances of miscarriage avoid alcohol during the first trimester is important.

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Written by Richard Wilson