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NORSTRAT, a full-service marketing agency, provides a wide range of services to companies of all sizes and industries. They specialize in digital marketing, public relations, and food and beverage PR.

Specialties include digital marketing, public relations, and food and beverage PR

Founded in 1989, Norstrat is a Canadian-based strategic consultancy firm that offers a wide range of marketing-related services. In addition to its core public relations and digital marketing services, the company also provides consultations on government relations, marketing strategy, and market research. Norstrat works with a wide variety of clients, from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Among the key clients of Norstrat are The Walt Disney Company, The World Bank Group, and Charles Schwab & Co. The firm also partners with a number of nonprofit organizations. Some of these include the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council, the USA Rice Federation, and the American Pulse Association.

Food and beverage PR is an essential aspect of any marketing campaign. Consumers are looking for ethical responsibility in food and drink. They also want to support local businesses. In order to be successful, a food and drink brand must have a strong social media presence. Moreover, it’s important to find a PR agency that knows how to build relationships with media targets and influencers.

Norstrat has a team of consultants who have experience in a variety of fields. They can help customers develop brand building strategies and help with customer acquisition, coalition building, and media control. The firm’s specialists can also offer guidance on developing creative strategies.

In addition to its services, Norstrat is a part of the Hill & Knowlton Strategies global network. This partnership provides its clients with access to over 400 public relations experts. Norstrat is also a member of the Creative Briefing Center, which is a unique center that helps shape campaign strategy.

As a strategic consulting firm, Norstrat is one of the best in its field. It has a large number of experts who have a deep understanding of the public sector and government relations. The firm also offers a variety of training programmes. Those who want to learn new skills can enroll in the company’s Business Coaching Program.

Norstrat is a leading strategic consultancy firm that serves a diverse set of clients. It’s in constant growth and its services are expanding across North America and Europe.

Government-funded infrastructure projects

NORSTRAT is one of the leading consulting firms in Canada. It provides a wide range of services to infrastructure construction businesses. It includes professional partners and experienced staff. Its activities are tailored to suit the needs of each client.

The NORSTRAT Group of companies was founded by former Canadian Armed Forces officers. Its aim is to provide assistance to clients looking for the next level project.

The Norstrat team has expertise in many areas including communications, public relations, marketing, and government relations. They also have experience in business development and branding. They have worked on major projects and completed radarsat II and radarsat constellation missions. They have been responsible for developing new technologies and implementing solutions for businesses.

The Norstrat investment firm is focused on major infrastructure projects funded by the federal government. The company’s investments are in housing, transportation, telecommunications, and satellites. It has been awarded more than $200 million in federal government contracts. It has been involved in a variety of major projects including the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel, Radarsats 2 and 3. Its investments are intended to help the economy in Canada and the United States.

The Norstrat Group of Companies has been in business for almost 20 years. It offers a range of services, including advice on the National Energy Act, bidding for significant projects, and information on security issues. It also offers a series of seminars on topics related to the expansion of the Northern region.

The Norstrat team is made up of a variety of individuals, including former government employees, military personnel, and business leaders. Each member of the Norstrat team brings a unique set of skills to the organization. It is a great example of how a group of professionals can work together to deliver a successful outcome.

Norstrat is dedicated to making infrastructure projects better for customers. Its experts are well-trained in project management, and it has a strong reputation in the industry. They are committed to helping their clients succeed in the global marketplace. Their team of consultants can help your company with everything from business development and product launches to customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Business intelligence

Using business intelligence, a company can gain a competitive edge by understanding what is happening in the market and predicting what will happen next. These insights help businesses improve their operations, reduce costs and increase revenue. They allow companies to make faster and more effective business decisions.

BI can be used by retailers to manage their inventory, promote their products, and create sales campaigns. It can also be used by airlines to determine seat capacity and track flight schedules. In addition, it can be used by hospitals and universities to identify students and monitor their performance. Insurers use BI to analyze risk during the loan approval process.

Data is the lifeblood of business intelligence. It is collected through reports, queries, and dashboards. These visualizations provide easy-to-understand information to keep teams focused on goals. They are especially helpful when key performance indicators are visualized, which makes them easier to interpret.

Business intelligence tools can be used by all members of a team. Executives can take advantage of the graphical output of the tool, while data analysts can access the source code for the tool’s source data. They can even run queries against predefined databases. This saves time, while allowing the tool to draw on its data storage.

The function of a BI team is to gather and store data, then analyze it, then produce useful and actionable reports for a variety of uses. They may report on overall company growth, or they may report on key staffing metrics. They may also set up systems to generate financial statements, or they may take on a regulatory reporting role. They also may maintain dashboards and self-service tools.

In addition to providing valuable insights, BI tools can also streamline operations, reduce operating costs, and sustain customer relationships. They can also help companies adapt to changing markets. They can be used by businesses of any size. They can be purchased through proprietary vendors, or they can be embedded in homegrown applications.

The goal of a BI initiative is to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and drive better business decisions. The result is a more streamlined organization, with higher profits and faster growth.

Creative briefing center

NORSTRAT is the leading consulting firm in Canada. It specializes in strategic development for private and public clients. Norstrat also provides corporate planning, product launches, market research analysis, and business coaching programs.

Norstrat’s Creative Briefing Center is a key component of its innovative strategy. The center is equipped with cutting-edge technology tools to help its clients. The center helps create a message that resonates with customers.

The firm has a strong focus on infrastructure projects and large-scale marketing campaigns. They work with a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail/consumer goods, transportation sectors, and transportation services. The agency has helped organizations like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson develop their marketing strategies. It has won several excellence awards from the American Marketing Association.

Norstrat helps its customers by implementing multi-channel communication methods. The firm can develop content for websites, social media accounts, and other communication channels. They can then alter the messaging before it is sent to strategic partners.

Norstrat’s Creative Briefing Centre includes a software platform from the NPD Group. The program is used to measure customer reactions to advertisements and to determine areas of improvement. It can also be used to gauge the success of a campaign.

Norstrat works with all levels of companies, from startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Its consultants are subject matter experts with extensive experience in solving complex challenges. Norstrat has a commitment to client satisfaction. It works to achieve their goals by providing high-level training, professional coaching sessions, and in-depth analyses of communications and marketing strategies.

Norstrat’s Creative Briefing Service enables customers to implement their strategy, including the development of content for websites, social media, and other communication channels. The firm can also help clients monitor their competitors’ marketing activities. Lastly, they can apply for government programs and grants.

The firm’s clients include The Walt Disney Company, The World Bank Group, and Charles Schwab & Co. The firm also serves nonprofit organizations. In addition to its strategic consulting services, Norstrat offers leadership development programs. Its strategic partners can produce advertising and integrate brand elements into marketing materials. The company has a large global network.

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