Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks to Make You Win in 2020

Mobile App Development Frameworks

Today’s time is all about mobile applications over desktop apps. 

The number of internet users is increasing dramatically, and so is the use of the mobile phone for the same purpose because mobile applications are easy to access.

And if we talk about mobile applications here, they prove to be a fast way to reach out to wider audiences.

There is no shortage of frameworks for mobile application development in the market. 

However, various parameters are needed to be considered for success when it’s about mobile app development.  

Efforts are being made worldwide to improve mobile apps’ performance by making use of top-notch functionalities. Additional efforts as well are always under process to enhance the mobile app development frameworks significantly.

But, before you take the next step, you must know about the mobile app development frameworks. 

There are two types of mobile app development frameworks – Native Apps VS Hybrid Apps. 

Both are equally excellent in their own ways when it comes to delivering prolific results. 

Yet, hybrid app development frameworks grab more attention due to the ease they offer. 

Some popular apps such as Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, etc. are the result of development done using hybrid frameworks. 

This makes it clear that there could be an advancement in the innovation and concepts in the coming years.

But then, talking about hybrid mobile app development frameworks, there are a plethora of options available.  

Which one would suit you? 

It’s a tough choice that you should make wisely.

However, it can’t be denied that the right hybrid app development services take you a long way; it is an added advantage to have an idea of the best hybrid apps development frameworks on your own. 

We have curated a list of the best ones for you. Let’s get started right away!

React Native:

React Native is one of the most popular frameworks. It ensures the development of native applications over the hybrid applications designed to run on the web-view. 

However, JavaScript and React would be used for the execution of the coding part. It can prove to be a little complicated to understand for beginners. Still, you can always seek help from a specialized hybrid mobile app development agency to clarify your confusion and work favorably for your project. 

Key elements: 

  • There is an availability of multiple components to speed up the development process
  • Codebase copying between Android and iOS platforms is also there 
  • React is high-powered: rendered with native code
  • It saves time and costs by reusing code
  • Bug identification is a lot easier 


Xamarin, too, is quite well among the community of developers, which is of around 1.4 Million+ developers. The principle followed by the Xamarin framework is – Write Once – Run Anytime or WORA. 

Xamarin is famous for developing applications with a more native feel and look.

Key Elements:

  • Microsoft supports Xamarin
  • Between Android and iOS, around 70% or more of its code is reusable 
  • Easy test runs can be performed
  • The performance level of Xamarin is similar to native applications
  • It also offers specific features for different platforms 

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is considered to be of the open-source kind. It possesses proper documentation to describe all the details of application structures. Being an easy-to-use framework, Onsen UI makes it possible to achieve a native app look.

Key Elements: 

  • The semantic markup components benefit developers
  • It is entirely compatible with AngularJS and jQuery
  • Onsen UI is a free and open-source framework
  • Multiple features like Theme Roller, Font Awesome, Screen Transition, etc are offered by the framework 


When it comes to one of the most preferred choices, Ionic stands on top of the list. 

The CSS sections make the native look more achievable for the applications. The results are beyond magnificent when Ionic is used in combination with AngularJS. It provides multiple features that include app packages based on Cordova, integrated emulators, and so on. 

The right hybrid mobile app development agency with Ionic for your application is one amazing combination!

Key Elements:

  • Rather than multiple times, development is needed just once with cross-platform support
  • Combination of Ionic and AngularJS helps in building strong and rich in performance applications 
  • Quick development allows easy maintenance of coding 
  • Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are easy to develop with Ionic framework
  • Interactive and appealing graphical representations in the apps can also be created


 Framework7 proves to be a reliable option for developers. It is not dependent upon AngularJS or React. 

It allows access to well-designed native-looking applications. 

Key Elements:

  • There are some easy customization options available to experiment with
  • Without relying on Angular JS or React, it is capable of creating native applications
  • Framework7 also provides various elements and UI widgets for feature-rich applications
  • It can be used to develop apps swiftly using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


It doesn’t matter if you are a developer or a startup or business owner looking for a way to a comprehensive hybrid mobile application development framework. 

There are many frameworks available in the market. However, considering every factor, the ones mentioned above can very well fulfill your need for the best features for a mobile application. Some stupendous hybrid app development services can also be availed from the right agency that would help you with your purpose. 

In the end, choosing the right hybrid mobile app development framework is all you need now to make things boost up for the future.

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