September 18, 2021
Home Inspections Business

History of Home Inspections Business in the United States

Home inspections are some kind of special examination for your home and commercial real estate.  Nowadays, most of the home inspections are operated by experienced home inspectors.  They are expert in home inspections, survey and supervision.  A large amount of money is needed for purchasing a home or commercial real estate. Investment should be risk free.

In the year 1970s, there was no home inspection company in the world. Some civil engineers and technicians checked home and commercial real estate. Their services and activities were limited. There were no guidelines and rules for home inspections.

Most of the home inspection companies were created by realtors. To avoid liability or future problems, they needed a platform to solve all liabilities of the customers. Most of the buyers look for more information before purchasing a home or real estate. Home inspectors are well trained to detect defects on real estate.

If we look at the history of home inspections, we found that the first home inspection company was established by Christopher P. Nolan and Loyola as Home Equity Loss Protection Services in the year 1980s. Mr. Christopher P. Nolan set up a guideline of comprehensive system of home inspections before establishing a company.  He realized that a group of professional people are needed for home inspections. They must be well educated and having adequate training on real estate sectors.

Mrs. Jane Garvey wife of Professor Mark Good friend in Glen Ellyn, IL purchased the company from Mr. Nolan.

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) established few rules and regulations for home inspections.  They setup code of conduct for home inspections. It is called ‘Standards of Practice’. The members of ASHI must follow all rules and regulations otherwise membership will be cancelled. All ASHI home inspectors are highly qualified and professional.

If you go through the laws of purchasing a home in USA or Canada, home inspection certificate is mandatory before selling a property.  The home owner must call professional home inspectors before selling his property.  The home inspectors verify the condition of the property and give a written report to the owner and buyer. In many states of USA, license is essential for home inspectors.

In United Kingdom, Home condition reports are mandatory before purchasing a home. A law was established in the year 2006.  All home inspectors should complete ABBE Diploma. About 7500 to 8000 qualified home inspectors are needed for 2,00,000 homes.

A residential inspection is a property review by the expert licensed home inspectors. Home inspectors are hired by the buyer and seller for a report of the present conditions of the home. They provide unbiased written report to the owner of the home. It is true that a qualified home inspector can easily breakdown the structure of a residential property. They divide the whole property into few categories, these are:

  1. Good condition
  2. Medium condition
  3. Bad condition
  4. Ugly condition

There are many associations for home inspections. They offer variety of packages for customers. It includes short term package and long term package.

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Written by Richard Wilson