April 21, 2024
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Hidden Gems: Must-Read Manhwa XYZ Series of the Decade

In the realm of comics and graphic novels, Manhwa XYZ, or Korean webtoons, have increasingly captivated global audiences. While some titles have achieved mainstream success, there are numerous hidden gems that deserve recognition for their unique storytelling, artistic innovation, and cultural depth. This article highlights these must-read Manhwa XYZ series of the decade, offering a glimpse into the diverse and rich world of Korean webtoons.

1. “Solitary Garden” – A Tale of Redemption

“Solitary Garden” is a compelling series that delves into themes of redemption and personal growth. Set in a fantasy world where the protagonist is exiled for a crime, the story unfolds as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. The artwork in “Solitary Garden” is notable for its intricate details and the use of color to convey mood and emotion, making it a visually stunning read.

2. “Echoes of the Past” – Historical Intrigue Meets Modern Mystery

This series masterfully blends historical drama with modern-day mystery. “Echoes of the Past” follows a historian who finds herself entangled in a centuries-old mystery that has ramifications in the present. The manhwa stands out for its meticulous research, rich historical setting, and complex characters that provide a window into Korea’s past and present.

3. “Whispers of the Heart” – Exploring Love and Loss

“Whispers of the Heart” is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and healing. This slice-of-life series portrays the journey of different characters as they navigate the complexities of relationships and personal tragedies. The storytelling is deeply emotional, and the art style complements this with its soft tones and expressive characters.

4. “Neon Dreams” – A Cyberpunk Adventure

For fans of sci-fi and cyberpunk, “Neon Dreams” is a must-read. Set in a futuristic Seoul, the series combines high-tech world-building with a gripping narrative about resistance and freedom. The manhwa is noteworthy for its imaginative setting, action-packed sequences, and thought-provoking commentary on technology and society.

5. “Shadow of the Han” – Epic Historical Fantasy

“Shadow of the Han” takes readers on a journey to ancient Korea, blending historical events with fantasy elements. The series is known for its epic storytelling, complex characters, and stunning artwork that brings to life the historical period with authenticity and flair.

6. “Mind’s Eye” – Psychological Thriller

“Mind’s Eye” stands out for its psychological depth and thrilling plot. The series revolves around a detective with the ability to see into people’s memories, using this gift to solve complex crimes. The manhwa’s dark and moody art style perfectly complements its suspenseful and mind-bending narrative.

7. “The Last Banquet” – A Culinary Adventure

Combining food with drama, “The Last Banquet” is an underrated gem. This series follows a young chef’s journey to recreate a legendary meal that was served at the royal court centuries ago. The vivid illustrations of food and the engaging storyline make it a delightful read for food enthusiasts and story lovers alike.

8. “Between Worlds” – Fantasy Meets Reality

“Between Worlds” is an intriguing series where fantasy and reality collide. The story revolves around a young woman who finds herself transported to a parallel world, embarking on an adventure that challenges her perception of reality. The manhwa is praised for its imaginative world-building and the seamless blending of different genres.

9. “Invisible Ties” – A Heartwarming Slice of Life

“Invisible Ties” is a beautifully crafted slice-of-life series that explores the unseen connections between people. Through a series of interconnected stories, it delves into the joys, sorrows, and mundane moments of everyday life. The artwork, with its clean lines and warm colors, adds to the manhwa’s charm.

10. “Guardians of the Blue Planet” – An Environmental Epic

This series stands out for its environmental themes and adventurous plot. “Guardians of the Blue Planet” follows a group of young heroes fighting to save their planet from ecological disasters. It combines action, adventure, and a powerful message about environmental conservation.


The world of Manhwa XYZ is vast and varied, offering something for every reader. From historical epics to modern-day dramas, these hidden gems showcase the depth and creativity of Korean webtoons. They not only entertain but also enlighten, opening a window into different worlds and experiences. As the global interest in manhwa continues to grow, these series stand as a testament to the rich storytelling and artistic talent that Korea has to offer. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the world of manhwa, these must-read series are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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