July 13, 2024
Selecting Employee of the Month

Guidelines for Selecting Employee of the Month

The productivity and success of every organization are dependent upon the dedication and engagement of its employees. Employee reward programs are an excellent way to enhance engagement and loyalty among employees.

Many organizations reward employees for their outstanding work throughout the month. This reward is commonly called the “employee of the month award.” This award is very effective in encouraging employees to put in their best efforts and brings enhanced productivity.

However, this award will mean nothing to your employees without properly executing, and you may not get the benefits from this reward program. So, here we will give you a guideline to select an employee of the month.

Goals of Employee of the Month Award

When the employee of the month program is executed in the right way, it will bring some unique benefits to the organization. However, this program must be transparent and unbiased.

While an organization is thinking of distributing employee of the month program, it should consider achieving the following goals:

  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Fewer complaints from consumers
  • Better customer care service rating
  • Productivity boost
  • Faster turnaround period
  • Produce high-quality service or products

Basic Criteria Considered to Select Employee of the Month

There are two main aspects while selecting Employee of the month; attitude standards and work-quality standards. These criteria include attendance, performance, quality, strengths, and weaknesses of employees shown in the previous month while distributing the award.

The goal of your employee of the award is to demonstrate the kind of achievements and behaviors that align with your company. It gives other employees a model to follow and replicate and improve the results. 

In a nutshell, here are the criteria an organization should follow while choosing employee of the month:

  • Work Quality
  • Discipline
  • Reliability
  • Cooperation
  • Attitude
  • Achievements
  • Appearance
  • Attendance
  • Responsibility

Process of Determining Employee of the Month

The employee of the month award program should follow a certain process to keep it unbiased and transparent. Here is a process that your organization should follow:

  • Stage 1: Criteria for an employee of the month should be posted on a public forum where all the employees are present. It can be either a board on the break room or the HR website.
  • Stage 2: Once the notice is posted, employees should be suggested to fill up appropriate forms to apply for the award. When filled, employees can submit the form to the personal assistant of the HR management, or the HR can allot boxes to drop the forms. Some organizations are now taking paper-saving initiatives and offering online forms as well.
  • Stage 3: Companies from an employee of the month committee to evaluate the nominees who submitted the form for the reward. On a monthly basis, this committee reviews and meets the candidate for the award. This committee often includes previous employees who won the award.
  • Stage 4: Upon reviewing and meeting the candidates, narrow down to pick the winner of the employee of the month award.
  • Stage 5: The staff council chair will then get the employee’s name who won the award and will publicly announce the name. 
  • Stage 6: The employee then receives some kind of recognition for their achievement. It can either come as a certificate or an official letter. The company may give the award winner a gift card and a one-day administrative holiday as well. 

Factors Employee of the Month Awarding Committee Need to Consider

Considering Goals

The award committee should be well aware of the company’s goals through the award program. There can be different goals like enhancing sales, building company morale, bringing in healthy competition in the company.

The ultimate intention of this program must align with the employees’ desires. Otherwise, the whole process will be useless.

Setting Guidelines

A clear and easy-to-follow guideline is a must for the employee of the month award. It will allow employees to understand the values, accomplishments, behaviors that are worthy of recognition. 

Choosing Rewards:

The awards given to employees for achieving employee of the month are quite crucial. This should be personalized and align with the winner’s taste. Otherwise, the whole process will be pointless.

Communicating The Program

As the program is for employees, it must be properly understood by employees. Also, the management should take feedback from them from time to time for improving the program.

While announcing the winners, the committee should include reasons to win the award as well. It will give the winner a boost in their achievement and encourage others to replicate the results.

Bottom Line

The employee of the month is a very popular idea among organizations. Online reward platforms have made it much easier for organizations to collect necessary data and award employees for their outstanding job. 

While developing the program, companies should consider their employee’s tastes and desires carefully. Only then, the selection process of the employee of the month will be effective and relatable.

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Written by Richard Wilson