Boat Charters in Miami

Boat Charters in Miami

Boat Charters in Miami offers boats for tourists and visitors. The fare price of boats starts from $300 to $1600. It depends on the size of the boat and shape of the boat. Boat Charters in Miami arranges the tour for the downtown of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They have various types of programs. These are hourly, half day and full day. For some case, it arranges a program for an overnight tour in the sea.

Most of the tourists and visitors hire boats to watch Dolphins and Manatees in the blue water off Miami.

All types of  Dolphins are friendly and they like to swim near the boats or yachts in the sea. For most of the time, it rolls upside down and stays with boat and yacht. Many dolphins jump out in the water which is attractive to all. Dolphins are an intelligent animal in the sea. Boat Charters in Miami provides an expert captain for driving the boat. All captains are USCG license holder. The activities of the service of boats are strongly monitored by USCG. The authority of USCG defined some rules and regulations for Boat and Yacht rental companies in Miami. All the members of USCG must follow all rules and regulations.

Boat Charters in Miami provides Fuel, Drinking water, Soft drinks with each boat. All captains are well educated and well trained. They are very much co-operative with tourists and travelers. Most of the tourists can get the idea of the tour route and interesting locations from the captain. They are knowledgeable persons. Tourists are allowed to bring beverage, food, and water with them. All boats from Boat Charters in Miami are well equipped. They have various types of boats. The size of the boats starts from ten feet to hundred feet. A small boat can accommodate at least six people. On the other hand, large boats can easily accommodate at least 100 people.

Boat Charters in Miami provides all types of a necessary security system for their boats. There are sufficient numbers of life jackets in every boat. According to the rules of USCG, all boats must have a fire alarm and strong navigation system. It includes GPS, Searchlight, and the map of the sea. All captains are well trained about the navigation system and GPS. For large boats, there are many lifeboats for an emergency period. The aim of the Boat Charters in Miami is to provide quality service at reasonable cost. They try to attract tourists and visitors.

Boat Charters in Miami provides many package programs for new tourists and travelers. The cost of the package depends on the duration of the tour. If the tour is short, then the cost will be short. All boats from Boat Charters in Miami are well equipped with modern toilets and kitchen. In a large boat, there is more than one toilet. Kitchen has all cooking facilities. Boat Charters in Miami supplies expert cook for making food in the boat. They know how to cook Continental, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. You will have to inform in advance for a special menu.