July 13, 2024
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Android Games on PC That Worth Your Time

There are tons of vave games dedicated to Androids. Some are neatly designed, from the interface to the story. Others are just meh and others are just rubbish. Here is a selection of games that are worth your reading time. 

If you are a fan of such franchises as “Blade Runner”, “Terminator”, “Detroit: Become Human”, then the selection presented below will certainly give you a lot of useful information. So let’s get started, the best android games on PC!

 Androids are humanoid robots that are vaguely or directly similar to humans. Such creatures can be completely mechanical, with elements of synthetic material, or even with organs of biological origin. All this made it possible to use androids as heroes of various works, from books, comics, films and ending with games. In the latter, the functionality of the machines is revealed most clearly, since the mechanics proposed by the developers, taking into account the technical component, are at the complete disposal of the players.

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is an interactive story featuring several android heroes. The project is distinguished by realistic graphics and animations, a deep plot, and interesting mechanics.

The game will take the gamer to the future, when almost all everyday problems are solved by humanoid machines. Little by little, robots begin to realize what is happening and think about their lives and purpose. You have to make choices for each playable character and personally influence the course of history.


Cloudpunk invites users to take a seat in a flying car and go explore a huge city. Nivalis is inhabited by androids and people, and the protagonist must perform the work of a courier, during which he will have to visit different areas.

The gameplay is focused on the protagonist named Rania, who got a job in a semi-legal office, completing tasks from the dispatcher, exploring locations and communicating with characters. From delivery, the heroine earns money, which is spent on furnishing her apartment, purchasing clothes, and maintaining her favorite vehicle. By the way, the developers have diversified the gameplay with side quests and simple puzzles, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the gameplay.

If you’re looking for a project with slow gameplay and an emphasis on storytelling, then Cloudpunk with its cyberpunk surroundings is a great option.

State of Mind

The futuristic thriller State of Mind will touch on topics that impact the entire world. The game takes place in Berlin in 2048. Humanity suffers from lack of resources, environmental pollution and crime. Gradually, cyborgs are replacing people in high positions. You take control of a journalist named Richard Nolan, who wakes up in the hospital and realizes that his family is missing. Do your own research and come to shocking conclusions.

State of Mind will appeal to all fans of dramas and projects in which empathy for the main character is of primary importance.


Steelrising is an action game that invites gamers to travel to an alternative France during the revolution. Louis XVI will play the role of the main antagonist, who decided to gather a huge army consisting of humanoid robots. In conditions of terror and dictatorship, the residents staged a rebellion, and you and a character named Aegis will lead it on the front line.

Despite the fact that the project is positioned as nothing more than an action-RPG, the first component here is undoubtedly the main one. You have to break through the streets of Paris, dodge enemy attacks, jump and perform combination attacks. There are also bosses in the game that can scare you just by their appearance.

There are definitely many others that should be in this list. Wait for a second round!

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