June 15, 2024
Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Alcohol Rehabilitation Program in the United States

Alcohol rehab programs are the last thing which stands between an alcoholic and an untimely demise. It includes an alcohol-related crash, liver disease, alcohol poisoning, violence and ultimately death. It is a difficult part of alcoholism on how to release from this situation. It is difficult for an alcohol rehab center to release a person from alcohol addiction. They take a step with the help of a phone. They start a treatment by phone. They try to find out the reason of alcohol addiction. At the initial level, the first step is to detox. It refers the patients for normalizing the body after dependent on drugs or alcohol. It occurs because our neurons in the brain are repressed by chemical processes that take place during substance abuse. It is true that an alcoholic body can’t work normally if we withdraw alcohol suddenly. When it occurs in our regular life, neurons in our body become sleep like state without any notice. For some case, our body suddenly awaken again. It becomes hyperactive and sending confusing signals to our mind.

Detox provides the medically equipped facility. At the beginning, it can create uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms as a result of Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. The activities of Detox stay at our body for 5 to 10 days. For the most the time, patients are closely monitored for a long time. They are prescribed for long time treatment.  There are three alcohol rehab centers in the world. These are inpatient, outpatient, day and night programs. Among them, Inpatient is called the most effective treatment. The duration of Inpatient program is at least 30 days in length. The duration of the length can be increased from 60 to 90 days. It depends on people to people. Some people need short time for treatment and some of them need a long time to cure. During the period of inpatient treatment, the recovering alcoholic can work as the same facility where they receive treatment. The treatment plan depends on the symptoms of the diseases.

If we look at the Reality therapy, it teaches a person to control himself from alcohol and drugs. For Cognitive behavioral therapy, it helps a person to control himself from alcoholic addiction. If we look at the Psychotherapy, It helps to find out co-occurring conditions. Family therapy helps an alcoholic person to reduce the use of alcohol in the house. The family members in a house can encourage him not to take alcohol. Group therapy helps a lot to give up alcohol.

For the most of the time, Inpatient alcohol programs consist of 40 to 60 hours in a week. If the physical conditions of the patient are not improved rapidly, then doctors prescribe him for cooking, cleaning, and shopping by himself.  He also prescribes for regular activities like walking and running in the open field.

It is a core responsibility for us to provide help for alcohol addiction. We should bear in mind that an alcohol addicted person is not a burden for our society rather than the most valuable asset.

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Written by Richard Wilson