March 25, 2023
Direct Mail Advertising

6 Different Types of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is the oldest medium of advertising. In recent years, it has become one of the most coveted promotional strategies. This type of advertising has become very popular among marketing managers, SMEs, startups, and various corporate organisations.

Many businesses have employed direct mail campaigns tailored specifically to the target audience’s needs and have saved money on mailing costs. In this article, we discuss the multiple options available to you for your next direct mail advertising campaign to reduce costs, achieve your goals, and increase the return on investment.

What Is Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct mail advertising is a marketing campaign targeted directly at potential customers. It uses either electronic or traditional mail services as a conduit to reach a great mass targeted audience. Direct mail advertising is print-based, where the advertiser reaches the customer through postal services in ease.

As a result of direct mail advertising’s effectiveness as a marketing tool, it has been extensively explored, refined, and modified, giving rise to a variety of models suitable for various advertising, publicity, and promotion campaigns, and therefore appropriate for use in a variety of industries and organisations. The notable types of direct mail advertising include:

Types of Direct Mail Advertising:

  • Post Card: this is arguably the predominant direct mail advertising type. Since the era of traditional mail, postcards have served as an effective tool for direct mail advertising. Electronic mails have been modified with postcard builders and equipped with a wide array of templates.

Generally, postcards are used for brief postings and are available in two varieties for traditional mail users – single and reply cost postcards.

  • Catalogues and Booklets: A catalogue is a comprehensive and detailed list of the products a company offers, and it’s majorly designed for informative publicity. The booklet is conversely more direct, usually more visually appealing, and is tailored for awareness promotion.

Whether in electronic or traditional mail, booklets and catalogues serve as a viable, direct mail advertising type. Although they are primarily used at the consideration and conversion stages of the marketing funnel, they are regarded as a primary form of direct mail advertising.

  • Mailing List: this type of direct mail advertising has been extensively adopted today by various product and services offering firms. A mailing list is a collection of the names and addresses of prospective customers. It is currently regarded as the contemporary marketing equivalent of customer network communities.

The mailing list can be used for any marketing funnel stage and is effective for every fundamental target-customer relation concern.

  • House Organs and Periodicals: With the myriad of alternatives available to clients across all sectors, this type of direct mail advertising is sent periodically in magazines, newsletters, or circulars.

While this is only reserved for converted audiences, it’s a primary form of direct mail advertising and an integral marketing tool. It aims to sustain the customer’s interest while keeping them informed on innovations, offerings, and offers.

  • Package Inserts: this is the traditional parallel of electronic mail inserts. You can use them for varied purposes, including appreciation, additional offers, and the likes. A package Insert is only sent together with a product; however, it indicates the seller’s disposition to do more than delivering a product.
  • Mail Letters and Envelopes: this form of direct mail advertising is often designed as sales letters, folders, and stuffers. Mail letters are effective for every stage of the marketing campaign and are renowned for being cost-effective, timely, and conversion-friendly. Mail letters and envelopes have been equally identified as effective tools for establishing a one-on-one connection with potential and present clients.


Whether electronic or traditional, direct mail advertising is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available today. While new media has significantly revolutionised marketing, direct mail advertising has endured for centuries, evolving into a more effective advertising, publicity, and promotional tool.

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Written by Brittany Berkey