July 13, 2024

What to remember before visiting Kilauea

America is a house of diverse beauty of nature. While there’s example of romantic beauty like Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, there’s something that’s opposite of these. Volcanoes are the best examples of that kind of beauty. And Kilauea is truly such an example. Volcanoes show the real power of nature. Though there’re a lot of volcanoes in the world not each of them is active. Kilauea is active. Since 1952 Kilauea erupted thirty-three times.

So if you are a volcano lover or you love to watch the real power of nature Kilauea is the perfect thing for you. And the good news for you that eruptions of  Kilauea are still going on. Watching the fiery lava flowing is a real adventure.

Kilauea is located on the southern shore of the Hawaiian Islands. The volcano emerged approximately 300,000 to 600,000 years ago. Four more volcanoes like Kilauea together form the Hawaiian Islands. And among these five volcanoes, Kilauea is the most active.

Before heading to Kilauea make a proper plan how you are going to watch the power of nature. If you don’t have enough time, then you can make a plan of one to three hour. In that case, you should explore the summit of the volcano via Crater Rim Drive. The Crater Rim Drive is an 11-mile long road. It encircles the summit caldera. The next option is exploring the East Rift and the coastal area. To do so, you have to use the Chain of Crater Road. To explore via this road, you need four to five hour. In the end, this road will take you to the place where a 2003 lava flow crossed the road. And for the extreme adventure lovers, the park should be explored by foot.

Travelers have been trying for a much richer experience.  So the trip to Kilauea should be planned. You should have updates on current conditions, should know that what more you can do there, should have information about the campground and the lodging, operating hours and seasons, etc. Whatever you are planning have preparations for the special environment of the park.

Annually around 2.6 million people visit the Kilauea. So if you too are planning for a visit arrive there just when the visitor’s center open. You need to do so to beat the crowd. And last but not the least never forget to take plenty of drinking water. So, get out and experience the depth of a volcanic landscape and watch it change before your very eyes.

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Written by Richard Wilson