February 27, 2021
business setup in Abu Dhabi

What packages are available for company setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland?

The mainland of Abu Dhabi is one of all the key places within the world, where businesses are likely to boom and reach infinite heights of success. Today Abu Dhabi comes forth as a lucrative avenue for conducting business mostly owing to its relaxed rules that bring in new businesses and investments, making the place all the more fruitful for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Wherein, everyone seems to be eyeing the right marketplace for fitting their business setup in Abu Dhabi. 

It’s additionally considered the leading industrial capital where growing startup businesses in urban centers find immense inspiration and are given a stable economic upliftment. Because of the aggressive legal reforms that bolster foreign investment, together with the implementation of semipermanent visas and the introduction of free zones that produce a definite easy way of beginning and conducting businesses in Dubai. All of those conditions create habitable and a holistic environment for business setup in Abu Dhabi making the place implausibly attractive, particularly for interested investors and budding entrepreneurs.

 company formation in the Abu Dhabi Mainland

That being said, there are numerous ways and packages through which a company can easily participate in company formation in the Abu Dhabi mainland.  Moving on, let’s bring into the spotlight the most important factors that have allowed Abu Dhabi to rise to the top, and be the foremost prosperous city within the world, sheltering numerous business setup in Abu Dhabi. One in all those factors is its geographical presence right in between the established economies of Asia and Europe, with a resource-driven continent like Africa being socially connected by numerous transport systems and channels. While the market of the oil-based economy has continuously been one of the main robust holds of the United Arab Emirates, the country’s currently birthed a strong future of groundwork into diversifying their economies and finding various alternative non-oil based sectors and economies to explore and bank upon.  This coupled up with their strong, business-friendly rapport with the globe solely creates ample opportunities waiting to explored for individuals wanting to participate in company formation in Abu Dhabi.

About Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 outlines the government’s general policy framework for economic development and its plans for economic diversification over the succeeding 2 decades, through larger investment in knowledge-based industries.

Abu Dhabi’s non-oil industries – notably aviation, clean technology, money services, legal services, travel, tourism, and education – presently contribute over 60% of the Emirate’s GDP, with high levels of investment in infrastructure having a number impact on the broader economy. The Vision demands greater collaboration between the general public and personal sectors in implementing the government’s policies and plans. It additionally identifies the subsequent points because of the priorities to achieve a formidable economic transformation by 2030.

But why should, you, a global investor be at all interested in setting up a shop in Abu Dhabi mainland? This next section will be a quick glance at the visionary features that not only promote business worldwide but also makes for a profitable avenue to be explored, i.e. opting to have a business setup in Abu Dhabi.

Pros and Cons

While setting up shop in one of the most profitable areas is highly advantageous, the foreign investors may come across some pros and cons when cradling the newborn idea of setting up a company in Abu Dhabi, some of which are as follows:

●          And to negate the most minute forms of taxes from the market, United Arab Emirates has signed more than 66 International Double Tax Avoidance treaties with major countries like China, the United States of America, and many signatory members of the European Union.

●          Also, foreigners have clear and effortless access to UAE’s local currency, as there are no exchange controls in place making the entire effort seamless.

  • There is a complete 100% foreign ownership of the business
  • The owners and businessmen involved in business setups in Abu Dhabhi do not have to participate in the payment of taxes for the first 50 years, meaning 0% tax payment.
  •  Zero restriction on repatriation of company-owned profits. 

Additionally, there are many such human-friendly advantages that give an edge to the purpose of doing company formation in Abu Dhabi; it being the popular preference for businessmen to set up their companies like it’s the multicultural environment. It’s a dense population of foreigners that bring the latest trends and development; a fairyland for shoppers who can enjoy Abu Dhabi’s VAT free markets and its homely environment since residents are exempted from paying Personal Income Tax.

If you would like to ascertain a business in one of the safest, most affluent, and quickest growing markets within the world, Abu Dhabi is the right place. whether or not you are progressing to found out a new business in the Emirate or open a branch of an organization primarily based outside the country, the procedures are clear and flexible. As with all the Emirates, there aren’t any financial gain or capital taxes in Abu Dhabi, apart from oil and domestic banking, and no withholding taxes.


Last, but not least is the affordability of the entire enterprise of having a business setup in Abu Dhabi. The cost is so nominal that it makes other economic capitals look up to the markets of Abu Dhabi mainland. The cost of setting up a company in Abu Dhabi is only 23,500 AED for a period of 2 years, wherein the cost includes Free Business Setup Consultation, a dedicated Business Consultant, DED License Fees, Company Registration fees, UAE Service Agent, Stamp of the Company and the complete set of documentation required for company formation in Abu Dhabi.

Now that you know how beneficial, affordable, and easy it is to do a business setup in Abu Dhabi, you can do it from the comfort of your home too, then what is it that you are waiting for?

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  • Abu Dhabi is a highly advanced Emirate and is a very supportive business environment, so a mainland company setup there is a very smart decision to make. We are fully transparent while providing UAE free zone company setup costs, giving you the exact package to suit your needs.

Written by Brittany Berkey