August 18, 2022
WoW Classic Powerleveling

What is attack power in wow?

World of Warcraftis one of the best games in the gaming community.What has not it given us? WoWclassic, Battle for Azeroth,etc are the exciting expansions of this MMORPGgame that have been given to us byBlizzard.

To go up in this game, we need wow power leveling and wow boosting.Just like that,attack power is also an important part of this process. If you are new to wow and you need to know this, you have come to the perfect place.

So, let’s go to learn what is attack power in wowand how to play to gain itemsand gold.

What is attack power in wow?

Before starting any game, it is better to learn about it so that you can play it perfectly. So, take a look at these details about attack power for a finer understanding of the game.

Know about Attack power

Attack power is a resource in the wow game that provides the weapon or physical ability. The perfect example will be kicks or damage bonuses.

It is also called AP in short. It really is an attribute that comes from strength or agility. This serves so that your weapon damage can increase. The increment depends on the statistic. If your AP is high, it will deal bigger damage.

Types of Attack power

There are two types of attack power. Those are Melee attack power and Range attack power.

Normally Melee attack powers are in the Melee weapons or physical ability. It will do physical damage like Monk’s kick.

Range attack power doesn’t work on wands. It works on range weapons. Warrior is a melee class that throws their weapons. This type of ability can use range attack power.

If any classes have wands as their main weapon (like Mage, Warlock, Priest, etc), they can’t use ranged attack power.

Sometimes if your AP increases, it increases both of your attack power. But it can also only target one attack power to increase depending on the item.

How can one get Attack power?

Attack power is an essential part of this game. There are many ways you can gain it.

Character level is one of them. Melee attack power can be increased by strength. It will work for classes like warrior and paladin.

Rogues and warriors also gain attack power from agility. Druids have a benefit that is they gain attack power from both strength and agility.

In the game, attack power bonuses can be obtained from gear at 80 or above.

Attack power pool

The two attack power pools are the permanent attack power pool and temporary attack power pool.

Each class gets a permanent attack power pool. But it depends on the player’s stats and level. In the past, there were some formulas to calculate these.

One can get temporary attack power from Armor, Multipliers, Class Mastery, Buffs, Potions, etc.

Attack power depending on the player

Usually, hunters receive 2 ranged attack power for agility. But now they just receive one ranged attack power.

Hunters can also get AP from intellect and stamina. Here goes shaman, they used to receive 2 AP per strength. Now, they receive one attack power for strength and the other for agility.

Attack Power calculation

As you know by now, you can get your attack power from strength or agility based on your class. It normally increases your DPS for every fourteen attacks with one point.

A common calculation for Melee attack power for Hunter is (The level you are in X 2) + (The strength of your class – 10) + (Agility of your class -10).

The equation of Ranged attack power for hunters is different from this. Then it just depends on the agility.

The equation becomes (multiply your level with two) + (multiply agility with two – 20).

To be honest, the equation differs from class to class. Attack power is the best benefit you can get in the game.

Final Words

The more you learn the more you know that World of Warcraft is an amazing game. It has given us all the excitement we need in a game.

However, if you were so confused before about the attack power, we are sure after knowing all details from this what is attack power in wow,your doubt should be clear.

Now let’s not waste any time and play as much as you want. We are here with all the information for your proper enjoyment in the game.

Good luck!

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