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Water sports

Water sports in Andaman Island

There are many sports which are liked and appreciated by many people. But some sports can be really adventurous and interesting as well. Andaman is the place which is surrounded by water from all sides. And the place which is encompassed with water, having a water sports can be fascinating. Water sports in the Andaman can be fascinating with clear water can be really comprehending.

Different types of the water sports are available in the Andaman which is adventurous. There are many sports, which can people enjoy their vacation. These water sports can be came under the vacation package which can be under 50k per person. The different types of water sports which are available in the Andaman is

Scuba diving
Sea kart
Sea walk
Game fishing
Banana ride

These are some of the water sports and many more sports are there which is available. These sports are somehow related to water. Some sports can be enjoyable, some can be adventurous and some sports can be both.

Scuba Diving :

If you are thinking of any water sport, then scuba diving will be one of the sport, scuba diving is the one of the most famous around the world. Similarly in Andaman, scuba diving is the one of the water sport which is available in Andaman.   As Andaman is the home of various corals which is present densely in the ecosystem. Scuba diving sport is depend on the various facets that is water depth, transparency of water, climate, the community of fish, density of the corals, safety of the person. There are some best places where scuba diving is present

Sea Walk:

This sport is just like scuba diving but in this sport, the person can able to walk ,under the sea and exploring various corals which is of different varieties and species. The price of the sea can be very according to the popularity of the places. As havlock and north bay is the best place for the sea walk. Price usually starts from the 2.5 k and eventually gets high due to the high demand.

Sea kart:

Here comes the another water sport that is best for the courteous sport. Sea kart actually mini speed boats which can carry 3 people at one. This speed take the tourist in the deep sea where the waves of the sea can actually be seen. It is not like the other boats that only drive in the sea shore for the people safety. But there are some restriction in this activity. Small children under the age of 6 are not allowed. People with serious illness are strictly not advised. Older age above 60 are also not allowed. On any occasion this sport is on high demand, so there is pre booking for this to enjoy the sport.


Water sports in Andaman Islands are pretty famous. Experience Andamans provides various kinds of water sports in the islands. If you are planning a visit to Andaman Islands then you should try one of the water sports. Restrictions based upon age and health conditions are applicable for some of the water sports activities at both Port Blair and Havelock Island. So make sure you plan an activity based on your comfort level.

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