December 8, 2023
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Top GCP Certifications and How to Crack Them

TheGoogle Cloud Platformis one of the top three cloud service providers alongside Microsoft Azure and AWS’s industry leaders. With the growing use and popularity of Google’s cloud services, the demand for a competent and certified Google cloud professional has increased.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Google Cloud Expert or want to learn a new skill, then there is a GCP certification thatwould be perfect for you. If you have enough skills and knowledge of the domain, you can directly opt for the professional exam. However, if you are a newbie, it would be best to look for some more certification to boost your résumé and then opt for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

It has been about 12 years since Google has joined the cloud computing race by introducing its Google Cloud service. And since then the popularity of the service has increased and thus increased the demand for the skill.

Google Cloud Platform provides cloud computing services and all the GCP services run on the same infrastructure used by Google itself for its products such as YouTube, Gmail, etc.

Top GCP certifications

  1. Associate Google Cloud certified

This certification is meant for the beginners in this domain, and the students can get this certification if they want to begin their career in GCP. This certification exam will test your skills and knowledge of deploying, managing and monitoring solutions and services using the command line or console interface. The GCP Certification Costof this exam is $125.

  1. Professional Google Cloud Certification

This certificate is meant for professionals and those who are not absolute beginners on GCP and can be considered level 2 in terms of a GCP certificate. You must have at least three years of industry experience and one year experience of using GCP to manage and design solutions and the period of the program is 2-3 years. The GCP Certification Costof this certification is $200.

  1. G Suite Certification

Gaining this certification demonstrates that you can use the core tools and services of Google in cloud computing. It will test your abilities to handle typical workplace activities or use cloud-based tools to communicate effectively.

Why Should You Get GCP Certified?

GCP provides modular cloud services like big data, compute, storage, networking machine learning, etc. It also offers developers, management and security tools. However, the platform serves much more services and tools that are useful for developers and enterprises.

And because of the vast array of services provided by Google, it is preferred by most of the big as well as small-sized companies to meet their cloud infrastructure based needs.

If you are getting GCP certified, it will imply that you will have an above-average chance of getting into companies dependent on GCP to meet their Cloud requirements. This is one of the advantages of getting the Google Cloud Platform Certification. And the GCP professionals are expected to experience even more benefits.

How Can You Get the Google Cloud Platform Certification?

Having this certification demonstrates that you know all the GCP skills and can work on the domain. However, getting GCP certified might not be that easy, but if you put in some hard work, time and analysis, you will be able to pass the exam in the very first attempt.

There are two ways to get GCP certified:

  • Direct Approach

Learn about the GCP fundamentals and cloud computing, work with GCP, begin processing and designing complete applications and then take the examination known as Cloud Architect Examination and get certified.

  • Alternate Approach

Learn about the GCP fundamentals and cloud computing, work with GCP, give the cloud engineer examination to get certified, begin processing and design complete applications, and finally provide the cloud architect exam and get approved.


Passing any cloud certification like the GCP Architect Certificationcan help you stand out from the crowd in job interviews and increase your promotion chances. However, there are several more GCP certifications that you can look for, and it depends on your experience and interest which certification exam you will take. So, apart from boosting your skills, any GCP certification will also make your résumé stand out from others.

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