December 8, 2023
Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Tips to Make Cosmetic Dental Procedures Last Longer

Gone are days when crooked teeth were a burden to carry. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dental procedures, procedures like veneer, implants, crowns and other treatments need extra care and precaution to last long. These easy to follow tips should be part of your cosmetic dental care regime for healthier teeth: Visit dental implants website for more details.

Tip 1: If you are a sports enthusiast, always use a mouth guard while engaged in any sports activity.

Tip 2: Cut down on your alcohol consumption as it can damage the both direct bonding and the luting material that holds porcelain veneers to your teeth. Stick to occasional drinking instead of daily.

Tip 3: If you have artificial restorations, oral hygiene is still important as it can affect the existing natural teeth. Use specialized toothpastes recommended by dentist.

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Tip 4: If you have tooth implants or crowns, avoid eating solid things like ice. If you grind your teeth in the night, use night guard to avoid any damage.

If you already have a dental procedure done and opting for another, follow these tips:

Tip 5: Never use regular pumice polish on composite bonding as it can leave scratches and cause erosion. Instead, an aluminum oxide polishing agent should be used instead.

Tip 6: The hydrofluoric acid contained in some fluoride treatments can etch the existing porcelain dentist crowns and veneers. It can also break the glaze surface. Make sure your dentist use only neutral fluoride. If you want more and more patients you should hire a Dental Marketing Agency.

Tip 7: Some maintenance procedures can ruin either natural teeth or metal restorations ceramic on the teeth. If you’ve had cosmetic dental work done in the past, make sure to mention your existing work to the dentist before he performs another.

Tip 8: Many polishing devices use a powerful spray of sodium bicarbonate that should not be used on porcelain and composite restorations. They can break the glaze or roughen the surface, which can lead to easier staining. The restorations look great immediately but after some time their appearance deteriorates.

Tip 9: If you already have cosmetic dental work, ultrasonic scalers must be used with great care. If used improperly around the margins of dentist crowns, veneers, or composite bonding, they can damage the appearance and leave the restored teeth susceptible to decay.

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