Tips on How To Deal With Chlorine Rash

Chlorine Rash

A lot of people may not even know about this, but chlorine rash is basically your skin being too sensitive to chlorine. This is something that does not really translate to allergy but rather something that can cause a rash just for being exposed to it. This is something that is normally seen from people that has been swimming in a pool with chlorine. The intensity of the rash tends to vary from one person to another. In the case that you suddenly have it or someone in the area has it and you do not know what to do, here are some tips that should be able to help you to deal with it.

Know the symptoms
One of the most important things that you should have in mind is to know the symptoms so that you can easily determine if it is a chlorine rash or not. In the symptoms, eye irritation is one of the most common ones. This may or may not include tearing, vision problems as well as the swelling or the redness of the eyelids. Along with that are incessant coughing and some sneezing because of the nasal receptors that are trying to block the entrance of the substances to the respiratory tract? Dry skin along with itchiness might also be one of the symptoms for you to keep an eye on. Nausea, wheezing, breathing problems as well as abdominal cramps and fever are a few more of them.

Anti-bacterial soaps
As one of the symptoms of having a chlorine rash can be that the skin gets dry due to the exposure to chlorine, it is because of it being stripped of its natural oils. The risk of skin infections is very high when your skin is very dry and this is why it is important to make sure that you take care of it well. The bacterial infections that can cause more irritation to your skin when combined with the chlorine rash are definitely something that you must avoid. This is why it is highly recommended that you make it a point to use these anti-bacterial soaps in order to take care of your skin. It would be good if you can make sure that your skin gets disinfected so that you would not have to worry so much about it in the long run of things.

This is something that can help a lot with your inflammation as well as your itchiness that is associated with you having a chlorine rash. It would be good to use it in the cream form so that you can get some good relief from your dryness. It is surely going to be able to make it a point to relieve the itchiness that you feel from the dry skin so it is surely going to help you out to be more comfortable in the long run too.

Anti-itchiness ointments
Another thing that you can do would be to choose from the wide range of the anti-itchiness ointment that is highly recommended to you by your friends or family. It might be good to choose the ones that come with menthol or camphor so that you get a cooling effect on your skin as well. Balms like this normally help the skin calm down and provide some relief from the inflammation as well as the burning sensation that is in your skin. You want to make sure to use it when you feel like you cannot bear it anymore because that means that you have to make sure you cover everything that feels itchy or uncomfortable.