December 8, 2023
The Most Exciting Places in Alabama

The Most Exciting Places in Alabama

Alabama is located in the southern part in the USA. It is the mix of cultural traditions and a rich history. In the beginning, Alabama was colonized for thousands of years.  This state is famous as the largest cotton producing states in the USA. Alabama is truly beautiful with many man-made attractions and natural resources. If you want to visit this wonderful state, then you will have to make a decision right now.

There is US space and Rocket center in Huntsville. This city is famous for the birthplace of the US’s space program. Dr. Wernher von Braun setup a plant for Apollo rocket. It was a memorable event in the history of the US space program. In every year, a large number of people gathered in this area for visiting this space center. According to the report of Alabama tourism, about 16 million people visited this interesting place in the last year.  There is a famous space camp for tourists. This place is also famous for Aviation Challenge Camp and a nice Robotics Camp.

The Birmingham Zoo is breathtaking.  The area of the zoo is about 122 122-acres. In this zoo, there are more than 800 animals. The authority of the zoo collected animals from all over the world. It has more than fifty different exhibits which are always open throughout the whole year. There are facilities of education for adults and children. Visitors and tourists can easily attend for special classes. It includes Bird photography training, night safari and eco-tourism. If you attend these classes, you will be able to learn about nature and wild animals. These classes are conducted based on your interest and availability. During the period of summer vacation, the authority of the Birmingham Zoo provides ZooFari camps for children.

There are many golf courts in Alabama. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is very popular with all types of golf fans. The authority of the golf courts offers many events throughout the whole year. These courts are perfect places for golfers.

Most of the tourists want to visit Point Mallard Water Park. It is a wonderful park for families. There are many outdoor facilities. It includes wave making swimming pools, a sky pond, a flume slide with a duck pond. There is a nice golf court in this park. The size of the golf court is about 200 acres. It is equipped with a driving range, showers, clubhouse, restroom, and concessions area. Tourists can use these well-equipped  campgrounds which have many facilities. There is an Ice Complex with a tennis center. Visitors can easily enter in the Soccer Park and Almond Recreation Center. Point Mallard Water Park has an athletic complex and the Spirit of America Stage. It is known as the great place for biking, jogging, and hiking.

If you like nature, then you will have to visit the Cheaha State Park. It is the oldest natural parks in Alabama. It is famous for camping trails, hiking, and biking. There are many restaurants and tourist lodges in this area.  Now it is your decision to think about Alabama.

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