The Grand Canyon: A 277 miles long beauty

Grand Canyon

Travelling is always fun. And the more closure you go to nature the more fun you’ll have. So visiting a naturally beautiful place increases the fun enrich the experience no doubt. Grand Canyon is one of the most attractive tourist attractions of USA. It is nature’s one of the most beautiful gift also. It is located in northern Arizona.

Although The Grand Canyon is not the longest canyon in the world but there’re some features that make the canyon unique. It’s colorful landscape gives the visitor such an experience that is unequaled to any canyon.

This 6 million years old canyon is carved by the Colorado River. The canyon is 277 miles long while the width is 18 miles. We advise you to take some decisions before visiting the over a mile depth canyon.  Grand Canyon. One of them is where to stay. Answer to this question depends on when you are visiting and where do you plan to visit?

Keeping all these in mind you should consider an advance reservation. The advance reservation issue should be borne in mind also because annually almost 5 million people from every corner of the world visit this canyon. But don’t even imagine to have an idea about how much beautiful The Grand Canyon before reaching there or reading about it. There’s not a single photograph or any article that can give you a touch of the canyon.

President Theodore Roosevelt used to visit this place very often, and he played a key role for what the canyon is today. Visiting The Grand Canyon must be a great adventure no doubt. But how your experience is going to depend on how much time you are spending there and how you are visiting. And this decision obviously depends on your budget. So if you have a big budget and short time you should consider a helicopter tour.

As The Grand Canyon is a vast area, you should make your choice earlier that where to go to the canyon. With that, the weather issue should be kept in mind too. If you are to visit the south rim, the good news is that it is open all year, but the north is not. Usually, this part is open from mid-may to mid-october. If you choose to have a trip where fewer people visit, then you should visit the northern part. And a guarantee is: The Grand Canyon is obviously going to make you curious about Geology.

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