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Alaska is a beautiful state in the USA. It is located at the outside of the USA which is near close to Canada and Greenland. A large number of tourists gather the most beautiful places in Alaska. The natural beauty of Alaska can be enjoyed while paddling, hiking and fishing in the outdoors. Most of the tourists visit national parks which are the largest in the United States.

Although there are a number of tourist attractions and museums in the major centers, among them I am going to discuss some important tourist attractions in Alaska, these are given below:

Denali National Park

It is located in the northern part of the Alaska Range. This National Park is the one of the largest parks in the United States which has North America’s highest mountain. The name of Denali is a strong point of local contention. The area of the park is about six million acres of wide river valleys, high alpine ranges, tundra and glacier-draped mountains are spectacular. One single road enters into the park, and it approves park buses are permitted to travel the Savage River. Views of the Denali National Park can be enjoyed from the park road if weather permits.

Denali National Park is the home of grizzly bears, elk, wolves, reindeer and other animals. There are more than 167 species of birds are available in the park. Many tourists want to visit another favorite among the park’s many things to do are the Sled Dog Kennels, it offers demonstrations of dozens of energetic huskies.

Tracy Arm Fjord

It is famous as a fjord edged with glaciers, This Tracy Arm Fjord is located in south of Juneau and it is a popular destination for boat tours and cruise ships. There are many Waterfalls tumble down the sharp rock walls which have glaciers calve and creating small icebergs.

We know that the scenic setting lies in the bounds of the Tongass National Forest. If we look at the map of the Tracy Arm Fjord, there is a fjord sit in the twin Sawyer Glaciers. It is famous for Wildlife sightings which are common for tours. This place is famous for a brown bear, or the whales or moose on land and seals in the water.

Tracy Arm offers a small slice of glacier viewing in Alaska. Many tourists want to look the Glacier Bay National Park which is located at northwest of Juneau.

Kenai Fjords National Park

It is located at the fjord-riddled coastline of the Kenai Peninsula, this national park offers some of the best sightseeing in the Alaska state. This park is famous for many glaciers which have an uninhabited coastline, but this national park is a great place for large brown bears. These animals feed on the fat-rich salmon. A large number of tourists visit the surrounding areas of the park. Most of the tourists are not allowed to enter in the deepest part of the park. For most of the time, they are allowed to use guided tours to visit this park. Guides are expert in this park. They know the interesting places of the park.

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