March 25, 2023
Best Healthy Work from Home Essentials

The 6 Best Healthy Work from Home Essentials of 2021

Working from home has had us all transform our comfy little safe harbors into fully-fledged and equipped workspaces. Or, more accurately, the whole of this new normal has had us all dedicate a certain portion of our home boundaries to work only. If you want you can add a small bed with best customer rated mattresses. Get the best customer rated mattresses in Australia here. Needless to say, the process involves shopping for work essentials. And we suppose you are still in the setting-up phase. So, here we have a few recommendations for you that we think are a must for your home office.

1.     Convenient Folding Desk

Perhaps, the very first thing that you need to buy for your home office setup is a convenient folding desk. Why? Well, because you need to set up physical boundaries between work and space!

Working on your laptop from under the sheets and having a stack of office documents at your bedside will only mess up greatly with your mental peace. Thus, negatively impacting your productivity.

Even a study from Harvard emphasizes the importance of separating workspace and relaxing and sleeping spaces.

A proper folding desk is both compact, convenient, and easy to manage. Thus, easing your work struggles.

2.     Magnetic Whiteboard

Since things are all under your control when working from home, chances are they may get messy. And a bit out of control.

To keep that from happening, we recommend getting yourself a magnetic whiteboard. Using this, you can organize yourself, plan your day, and jot down the tasks to be completed, your to-do lists, and whatnot. When you have the reminders right there in front of you, you will be motivated to keep it going until you check off each goal listed there.

3.     Tower Fan

Adjusting to working at home can be stressful. And stress can have you panicking. And panicking can make you nervous and sweating.

Long story short, when working with changes, it’s always a good idea to keep yourself more equipped than usual for a smoother transition.

Adding a tower fan to your workspace is an excellent approach. Adding a cooling system to your home office will not only keep the environment calmer and cooler. It has your nerves processing things better and more effectively. The great part is that it is an inexpensive purchase!

4.     Gaming Chair

Nope. Don’t get the title of this WFH essentials wrong. It’s not only for gamers!

A gaming chair is built to meet the ergonomic and comfort needs of those who indulge in a sedentary lifestyle. If you sit all day, every day in front of your desktop screen, a gaming chair might as well be a wise purchase.

For a deeper insight, know that gaming chairs possess a design that improves blood flow to the lower body. It relieves pain in muscles, joints, especially the neck area. And it also gives off a comfortable, soothing feel to the whole of your workspace. This phenomenal gaming chair is our recommended pick because it also provides speakers!

5.     Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our screens give off harmful blue radiations, which may exhaust our eyes after a long day’s work. Perhaps, this explains the occurrence of tired, blurry eyes that many remote workers report.

To counter this and protect your eyes from these harmful radiations, we recommend getting yourself gamma-ray blue-light-blocking glasses. These come equipped with non-polarized, anti-reflective lenses that form a barrier between your eyes and the harmful blue lights. Thus, enabling you to work more with no signs of eye fatigue.

6.     Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you like jamming to your favorite tracks as your work or just need the Lo-Fi beats to fill up the silence as your work, then noise-canceling headphones are a must for you.

These block out the external sounds completely. By eliminating distractions, it will help you focus better on your work.

Plus, noise-canceling headphones make virtual meetings with team butter smooth. You won’t find yourself struggling to hear what they say or find it difficult to convey what you say.

Final Words

The work from home essentials suggested above are the top six essentials that you must get to make your life easier. But these are not the only upgrades you may need to make. Depending on your current situation, workload, and nature of work, you may need to dive a little deeper (maybe arrange stationary rack, holders, day planners, document separators, printers, and whatnot!). So, begin with your baby steps and explore your home offices’ needs further!

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Written by Richard Wilson