February 24, 2021
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Super Simple and Effective Tips to Combine Content Marketing & PPC to Boost Your ROI

Most businesses think of SEO, content marketing, and PPC as separate services under the digital marketing mix. However, the integration of these efforts may give spectacular results for your brand’s online presence and popularity. One of the most viable options to do it is by combining content marketing into PPC campaigns as it helps leverage the strengths of both the activities, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and resulting in more conversions. But why should content marketing and PPC services be integrated and how can this be done? Let us understand bit by bit. 

Your content needs to be promoted well so that it reaches the right set of customers. As the old rule goes—you should spend 20% of your time con content creation and the rest 80% to promote it. On the other hand, you should protect against the negative SEO effect of removing online content. Take the best content removal service to protect your online reputation.

Now, let us discuss PPC i.e. pay per click advertising campaigns. Today’s digitally-savvy customer knows that PPC is a paid effort and may not be 100% credible. Though, when you work with a goodPPC company, PPC ad campaigns do help draw a lot of traffic. But these ads are short and more often than not, their impact is transient because most visitors who come to your website through PPC, or other paid promotional efforts, leave with their next click.

 Therefore, it makes sense to provide engaging content to visitors who find and explore your website through paid efforts. It is called content advertising, which is an essential part of the digital marketing mix wherein content marketing and PPC campaigns are combined. Check these tips below to learn how to use PPC and content marketing together for better ROI.

1. Use PPC advertising to promote gated and seasonal content 

PPC is a quicker way to drive traffic to your website; hence, it works excellently for promoting gated content such as white papers, e-books, and mini-guides. For the uninitiated, gated content includes online material, which can be downloaded or received via email only after users have filled out an online form. Besides, seasonal or trending content should also be promoted with PPC. Remember to promote only gated content to ensure transparency in PPC performance. Later, use the conversion funnel with follow-up workflows to leverage the information on potential users.

2. Leverage PPC keyword data

You can use PPC keyword data and ad copy performance to find keywords that drive the highest traffic and returns. Here are some simple ways to do it.

  • Create new optimized content using keywords that have been found most effective.
  • Choose high CPC keywords and incorporate those into your content. This would help balance competition and cost for your keywords and make PPC spend more affordable. 
  • Create compelling headlines using those keywords and topics.
  • Keep testing and learning for better results. 

3. Use social media optimally

Share relevant and optimized content on different social media platforms and leverage PPC ads and Facebook ads to promote the best long-form articles.

When you use PPC ads to promote content that resonates with your audience, it is more likely to drive conversions. Similarly, the“Boost Post” feature on your Facebook page works well to target specific groups of customers based on your preferred demographics and psychographics. Though Facebook offers multiple targeting options, try two or three at a time, and adjust your plans based on results.

Some other ways you may like to consider include uploading the existing list of your customers to Facebook and have ‘Custom Audience’ to build your reach. It is created by using “identifiers” i.e. customer information and then matched with hashed information on Facebook profiles so that you can advertise to your customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. The more information you can provide, the better the match rate (which means our ability to make the matches). Similar methods can be used to run targeted PPC ads on several platforms.

Over a period, the synergy of PPC and content shows a long-term improvement in website traffic. You should track the average time spent on each page, the total number of pages viewed per user, and bounce rates to measure the success of this strategy. If you notice that website traffic improves has improved but the engagement still needs a push, it indicates that your PPC campaigns are driving traffic, but the quality of content needs to be enhanced. In such a case, connect with a reliable content marketing agency to know what needs to be done to make your content more clickable and get professional advice on strategies you have been using to get the best out of PPC and content marketing combination.

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  • Informative post and very easy to understand. Thank you so much for sharing this article. I am currently learning the both, PPC and SEO. So, this article will help me a lot in near future.

Written by Richard Wilson