September 18, 2021
Simplify Your Employees’ Work With the Use of Technology

Simplify Your Employees’ Work With the Use of Technology

If you belong to the generation of the millennials or gen z, try asking your parents or older siblings what comes to their mind when they think of work. The most common answers would be piles of paperwork, lengthy processes, manual calculations, extensive phone calls, communication gaps, etc. This is the list after keeping aside their adventurous commute to and from the workplace, the theft incidents, and their struggle days’ stories. The work has become simpler now, thanks to the constant technological developments.

The businesses have made efficient utilization of technology by using it to simplify the work of the employees. A quick and simplified job is not the only benefit that the company receives. An increase in the employees’ productivity and efficiency, reduced labor turnover, employment longevity, etc. are examples of the manifold benefits that the organization avails. As businesses discover the advantages of using technology in day-to-day operations, they are more attracted to adapting to newer technologies.

How Technology Simplifies Your Employees’ Work

The traditional and manual system of completing the work is not an easy option. The complexity of the processes births the problems like miscommunication, lack of clarity, misunderstanding the techniques, unwillingness to work. According to a survey by Deloitte, 49% of respondents (including those from the small organizations) believed their work is complicated.

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Employing technology in your business can simplify your workforce’s tasks in the following ways.

  1. Keep them organized

The employees and managers can keep their tasks organized with the help of technology. The company can encourage them to make use of task management tools available in the market. Besides those, the businesses can use timesheet management software to record the amount of time employees spend on each task. The employees can use google calendar or other similar tools to track their meetings and seminars and get reminders about the same to avoid forgetting the same. In the current circumstance of having the option to work from home, the employees may utilize the mobile hr software application to perform functions like a remote punch in/ out, leave application, report about their earnings, applications for reimbursement of expenses, etc. from their cellphone devices. These are examples of how technology can keep the employees’ tasks and performances organized without maintaining the physical timesheets, diaries, or post-its. Technology also helps the organization to go paperless as everything is managed on the devices.

  1. Focus only on the necessary tasks

When you employ technology and software that can automatically complete the entire process with minimum human intervention required, the employees can focus on more necessary tasks. Such software saves a lot of time for the employee as he does not have to engage in the processes’ complexity.  For example, when the business installs the payroll management software solution, the HR manager does not have to calculate the payroll for each employee manually, as the software does it. Thus, the HR manager can use the saved time to complete tasks like increasing employee engagement, making better policies, and creating a better working environment for the employees. With technology in use, the business can get more work done by spending the same amount on their employees’ salaries. According to Forbes, 84% of their survey respondents believed that technology and AI would help them get a competitive advantage.

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  1. Give access to devices

Allow the employees to use company devices like the computer system, company phones, etc. to simplify their work. The employees’ personal devices may not be compatible with the office purpose. At times, the official work may require an excessive and constant data connection to complete the data-heavy processes. Employees’ devices are not purchased to support such large-scale work. Their data connectivity might also not be as robust and limitless as required. Employees’ productivity will decrease beyond control if such processes are done without any help from artificial intelligence or done on their personal devices.

Providing employees the latest gadgets and required access to the internet without any significant restrictions (work only internet) regarding its use for official purposes translates to increased employee productivity.

  1. Enhance productivity

The productivity of the employee increases automatically with the help of innovations. When the employees are free from performing the repetitive, time-consuming tasks every day, they can utilize their traits to complete the other, more business-oriented tasks. All the functions performed with the help of technology are quick and error-free. This means no time wasted in finding the source of mistake and making corrections in the entire process: reduced errors are an achievement towards the employees’ better productivity.

In many cases, employees may be efficient and capable of generating exceptional outputs. However, the lack of technological support is the hindrance that might be stopping them from working to their full capacity. Automation and technical support are tools that can give the employees wings.

  1. Improve collaboration

Coordination and collaboration between the employees and the managers are crucial factors to an organization’s success. Traditional communication methods like phone calls or written applications might not prove very fruitful in the modern world for a few reasons: 1. Hardly anyone uses landline phones anymore, 2. People want quick responses, and letters aren’t so fast, and 3. With everything on electronic devices now, it is easy to forget about some written applications. The employees can get quick replies when they use tools like chatbots if you want to create a chatbot you need a company like botnation. Also, they can provide you best apps development service. or applications compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Using technology to enhance communication will improve collaboration among the employees and the managers. Enhanced coordination between the two will lead to clarity of direction. Having an explicit knowledge about what to do and getting quick replies to the doubts enables the employees to work with more dedication and willingness. A little technology management can give you a bundle of benefits.


Simplification of your employees’ work becomes an easy task with a little help from technology. As the world is pacing forward fast, it becomes necessary for any business organization to provide simplified work to its employees. Having traditional, manual, or lengthy processes hinder the efficiency and output of the organization. With simplified work, the employees can contribute more skills to the business and add to your organization’s competitive advantage.

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  • Thank you Richard,

    It was a nice breakdown on what benefits we can get in employing technology into our workforce.
    I would love to show this article to my parents, since they run a traditional business. you’ve explained the advantages on-point. It just bothers me because they manually calculate everything, so I think they do need to read this.

Written by Richard Wilson